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Medicine, is an art which if practiced well not only makes you happy but also richer.To practice medicine what we need is a sound knowledge of the basics of life. About human life, bacteria, fungi, viruses and a lot of other parasites about nutrients, diseases, medicines the list is endless. This enormous amount of medical knowledge can be assimilated by a person only if he/she has the passion towards this profession. The passion to save lives, to make others smile.

During the period of the MBBS course, most of the students(including myself) forget to assimilate the knowledge, which is needed to heal. What we have learnt doesn’t help us at all. You may pass the exams, but you will never get the satisfaction of knowing how the disease was healed or how a medicine works.

Having a friend to whom you can turn for an advice is a great boon. People with such knowledge are priceless. If you think knowing is all, you are just learning. Knowing the basics and having an attitude to help others is is a rarity among students. So if you forgot to master the basics while at college, it is time you start from the beginning. Reading the question papers and hoping for justice from question setters is absurd. Which was what we expected from the question setters from AIIMS for the AIPGMEE 2012.

If you want to practice medicine, you need all the subjects Anatomy, physiology, Pharmacology and all others. No subject can be omitted or can be considered inferior. History of medicine is important in our journey to excellence. The people who lived before us achieved with very little resources and we with all those resources in our hand is finding it difficult to just memorize those facts!

So I have come to a conclusion that what I learnt wasn’t complete. So I have decided  to start learning again and to write about what I learn here.Some posts maybe about  doubts which have been lingering in my mind for a very long time. I am trying to find some answers here, and I have found a few good bloggers to listen to. Give your suggestions regarding the topics you want to be discussed in the comments section of this post. Happy learning!

  1. i am 22 years old

    i am working in a big company and i am thinking about studying medicine
    what is your advice to me ?

    • Hi Fahad

      If you are working in a big company and if it satisfies you, you can continue there.If your desire is too strong, and if you can spend a good portion of your time towards medical studies and helping others, you can join a pre medicine coaching class, study hard and try to qualify.

      All the best

  2. I am very glad I came across a site like this.
    I am a medico and I have been searching for a platform like this to learn and share basics.
    Hope the articles here help me in learning medicine.
    Thanks for your efforts.

  3. I am a young college student possibly interested in pursuing medicine and I’d like to know if I could do some reading on it or something that would help me get ahead. Any suggestions on what to start with, etc?

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