Ligaments and menisci

  • Coronary Ligament- Connects outer border of menisci with tibial condyles
  • Ligament of Humphrey- Anterior menisco femoral ligament
  • Ligament of Wrisberg- Posterior meniscofemoral ligament

Locking and Unlocking of knee

When a person stands up the Locking/Screwing movement of knee joint takes place.

During locking tibia is fixed and medial rotation of femur on tibia. Locking helps to prevent muscle strain and provide stability

Unlocking takes place when a person sits down fro standing postition,latera rotation of femur/Unscrewing occurs.

Locking muscle-Quadriceps femoris


Tests For Anterior cruciate ligament Injury

Lachman test>Anterior drawer test>Pivot shift test.

  • Lachman test requires only 20 degree flexion of  knee joint and is the easiest to perform on an tender swollen knee.
  • Anterior drawer test requires 90 degree flexion at knee and 45 degree at hip.
  • Pivot shift test requires only 30-40 degree flexion, but it involves applying valgus strain on tibia and extending the knee.
  • BS to ACL and PCL is via Middle genicular artery


Blood supply of menisci is from periphery to center, so it is divided into red/redwhite/white areas based on blood supply.

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