Deliver dietery TGL to peripheral tissues.

Deliver cholesterol to liver in form of chylomicron remnant’s

Secreted by intestine

Excess causes pancreatitis,lipemia retinalis,eruptive xanthomas.


Deliver’s hepatic TGL to peripheral tissues.

Secreted by liver.

Excess causes pancreatitis.


Deliver’s hepatic cholesterol to peripheral tissues

Formed from VLDL by lipoprotein lipase.

Taken up by target cells via receptor mediated endocytosis.

Atherosclerosis,Xanthomas,Arcus senilis.


Transports cholesterol from periphery to liver

Secreted from both liver and intestine

Have apo C and apo E(needed for vldl and chylomicron metabolism)

Important points: VLDL and LDL are bad for health because they transport TGL and cholesterols respectively to Peripheral tissues and lead to atherosclerosis by their deposition in vessel wall.HDL is good for health because it transports cholesterol to liver for its metabolism and thus helps in preventing its deposition in periphery.

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