List of must read books for AIPGME.

Most of time I get some questions regarding books needed for PG medical entrance preparation.Though I have listed a few of the most needed books, readers keep on asking for a comprehensive list. The most important point is to study the most essential books and trying to retain most of the topics learned.Revision is more important than extensive reading.

Must read books for AIPGME

1.Ashish Gupta latest 2 Volumes(AIIMS previous questions)

2.Mudit Khanna 2 volumes(AIPGME previous questions)

Cover these 4 books at first before thinking of reading anything else.

Semi essential books

1.ACROSS 2 volumes

2.Sparsh Gupta Pharmacology

3.Sparsh Gupta Pathology

4.Ashish Gupta Surgery

5.Ashish Gupta Medicine

6.Manoj Chaudhary PGI question papers.

Some good books worth reading

1.ENT by Dr.Shibu George

2.Platinum notes published by Jaypee books

3.Sure Success or ROAMS

4.Anatomy by Dr.Arivuselvam

5.Rapid review AIPGME 2011 by Rahul K.R

As new pattern is being planned for NEETPG2012, preparing for assertion reasoning type questions might prove beneficial.If you have good books to add to this list, please share with us in the comments section.

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  1. plz tell me d question pattern of NEET-PG… And also plz tell d rank range in aipgmee for getting a ms degree in ortho in kolkata…

  2. i m in 3rd yr mbbs.
    Can u please guide me,how should i prepare for AIPGEE.

  3. There is a lot of talk abt Platinum notes book.
    3 volumes. What is the assesement fr it.

  4. hi! wot books to read for topics like ophthalmology community medicine etc iam new to this site so plz help me make rite choices for pg

    • Opthalmology questions are usually hard in AIPGMEE,it is better you stick to AG/MK for both opthalmology and Community medicine.No matter how hard you learn Opthalmology, they ask even harder questions.Check out for the changes regarding energy requirements in males and females ,Ideal reference man and woman,census details etc.Learn these from the latest edition of Park.

  5. Hi Jobin! I belong to the group of PG aspirants who relied almost completely on the Q banks – a huge mistake considering that none of exams went well, not even the state entrance exams.This is my first attempt following one year of preparation post internship.
    This may sound stupid but I’m considering trying for MLE the following year , not that my folks are in favour of it or that I have many friends there. Its just that right now the road at the end of MLE seems worth the struggle. Much debated as this topic may be, could you please elaborate on the pros and cons of aipgee vs usmle on your website. It would definitely help us, the confused lot to take a wise decision.

  6. Also, if i decide to prepare only for aipgee and lets say, I want to start from the month of April 2012 ( using March to take a break, get over my depression and rejuvenate) which of the foll would you suggest to make our basics strong-
    1)sudying and revising some notes of all the 19 subjects eg IAMS, speed, Bhatia, platinum, roams, etc. This seems faster.
    2)Starting with the latest papers of AA and MK, reading the back reference for every question from the std books and making notes. This seems better but more time consuming.

  7. Platinum notes book.
    Why is everyone reading it.

    • Some points regarding platinum notes
      1.Platinum notes cover almost all state papers,AIIMS,PGI,AIPGMEE etc.So it gives an overall idea.
      2.You are likely to forget the facts because there are many.
      3.Since they have listed questions asked in state PG entrance exams, some choices are wrong in those exams.So it contradicts questions from AIIMS,PGI etc.You can understand this while reading the book.
      4.Another point is that little or no proof reading or editing has been done, so some simple errors have crept in.These simple facts can be made correct even without reading this book, but you may go wrong if you read the book.
      VERDICT:If you are confident that you can correct the mistakes in the book while reading, it is a good book.

    As it is 3 volumes, covers every subject and is given in a nice presentation.Also much matter repeated from it in AIPG 2011, State Exams.
    But Text reading is the Golden Standard and HAS NO SUBSTITUTE.

    Go for Text And Platinum together not alone

    • i think if we only read platinum notes it is better.
      rather than going deep into a single topic and knowing nothing overall there is always a need to pass the exams and not become scientists in the beginnning. aim is to pass with good marks and platinum notes provides the stuff.i am not seeing much mistakes in the book . kindly point out some so that i can correct my revision.

  9. thanks…i was not knowing about this site…it really helps pre pg aspirents

  10. can u plzz tell us how to stdy for neet!!

    • NEET pattern is not yet confirmed, but it will be clinically oriented questions. So try to learn the practical aspects and also read the USMLE questions.

  11. hello….im new to this gr8 site…. i want to enquire regarding majors… to tackle them!!! along with remembering all facts frm basic sciences!!

  12. The Platinum notes book is a new book. Very useful for revision but How many revisions are sufficent and needed from this book to be able to grasp.

  13. thanks for the info everyone……..

  14. hey..
    what books to refer for the section B part i.e clinical bases ,pictures,assertion reasoning part of the NEET pg exams??
    kindly respond.

  15. prachita srivastava

    i just came across this site
    i am currently in 4th sem thats half way through my 2nd yr
    i am in a dilemma whether i should join classes or not…and how exactly should i prepare for the PG..please guide me!!

  16. hey..its a great site..thanx!! i wanted to know whether the book of anatomy by dr. arivuselvam is available in the market or its the notes from the coachings? if no then is dere any other option for anat other than across!! across seems to b the least productive book!!

  17. k thanx 🙂 is there an option for bioc..??

  18. thanx :)ure site is so informative!! dis is my 1st try after internship.tho’ i had not had studied much during the internship but iam studying problem is that i feel confident after doing a subject but when i give a test the results are not satisfactory!! what cud b the reason?i even revise a sub! shud i be so dependent on the test series result?

  19. hey…can u plz tell me what rank is needed in aipg,aiims,jipmer to get md pediatrics

  20. Thanx….so much.
    Plz….e mail me such imp idea.

  21. I am right nw in 5th term, i have done mcqs of physiology from across in first year n this year i have done important topics mcq of pharmac n micro n gen patho. should i continue doing subjectwise till 4th year or should i change my strategy? when is the ideal time to start with mudit khanna?

  22. its wonderful site
    great efforts
    pls tell mr about ortho preparation for aipg

  23. i am now entering in second year mbbs i want to score high in aipgmee during my time.what should be my plan and which books i must prefer to read?

    • start covering mcq’s of 2nd year subjects from mudit khanna , refer standard text books for the concerned mcq’s.. pathology has high scoring in NEET (20 /240) ) … though tough at this stage, start covering general medicine mcq’s n text book also lil by lil as its the voluminous of final year subjects..concentrate 4 to 5 hrs / day with PG perspective

  24. guide me strategy of 3 mnths before exams

  25. Platinum notes new edition is the most updated and better than other books.

  26. plz notify the dates of neet pg after postponing…

  27. thanku so much sir..the site is very helpful…plz dont give up answering our queries.. regards..

  28. what textbooks to be followed for the neet pg exam? plz suggest me the name of the authors of the recommended”textbooks” of various subjects from anatomy to paediatrics ❓ ❓ ❓

  29. is Platinum notes book NEET pattern

  30. S platinum notes better or roams……???please help sir

    • plat notes is better as it covers all subj in detail and is updated more. more questions and exam oriented. roams is the worst book for any pg prep. sure success is better than roams.

  31. I am from bhubaneswar..just started internship..dams, iams diams provide classroom coaching here 2 days a week for 8 hours daily!!!! I am bit confused whether to join any institute or just go for test series…please help me…I will be appearing next year pg exam..

  32. i m in 1st year ……
    what should i do……… i want to be well in ana phisio & biochem

  33. iam in 2nd year currently want to knw whether i shd take some correspondence course or prepare on my own for my pg enterance exama…..

  34. hi there my internship starts jan 4……is it feasible to join test and discussion courses of any coaching class ? as for the study material…should i read platinum notes +text book ? or mk and aa ? iand what about the clinical base and pic section of neet ? is the neet format out ? thanks and a happy new yr

  35. Hi, I have just started my internship can u plz suggest the book/subject i shud start with?

  36. Yes i Studied Platinum notes and happens to be a very good Book. I mean comparing with other books it is far ahead as it covers almost every important topic in a nice manner. High yield topics are a special feature and most of examinations are covered. I dont feel the need to read other books except some.Now they have come up with international edition Platinum notes for USMLE as well.

  37. Platinum notes is better than any revision book in market. It is a total waste to read Roams Nothing for exams in it

  38. very nice books for deep concepts…

  39. What book should we follow for pediatrics ,ent,and surgery ? Plzz help me

  40. Sir I really need help as I know myself I have basic information about basic medical subject like patho.pharma .physio.biochem.medicine.pedia.medicine relevant surgery. What I mean when I was in my ug year I stuyid des subject well up to my 3rd year then suddnly I stop reading . My present situation is unsusal as in while doing most of d last yaears paper I do mistake immidiatly after watching explanation I get always one strike long time ago I read this . Means I want to revises my strength back and want to capture remaing small subjects .
    I have platinum and surcess success which book I should prefer to revise . I just want a rankwithin 2000 . Plz help me

  41. Hello sir where can I get anatomy by dr.arivuselvan? Plz I need it

  42. Hello sir, i am doing my subject wise guides. I want a synopsis book which should have all important topics points wise, where i can jot down any other extra points needed. Which book will be best? Will platinum notes suit my need?

  43. Platinum notes with Mudit khanna is the best possible combination.
    revision with platinum notes at least 2 times

  44. I m an internee. which study materials is the best; dams bhatia or iams?
    will it b enough?

  45. I am from nepal…i am preparing for pgi chandigadh…..what is the best book for theory aspect for pathology and pharmacology….i have been advised govind garg and sparsh gupta…..should i go for it??

  46. plz suggest any. authentic mcq book that helps in subtopic wise prepration not just a whole chapter or a long topic.tku

  47. Dear Admin

    I’m quiet curious after coming across ur site, did u clear the pg entrance exam? Pls mail me ur reply if u can’t post here!

  48. Good to here that. Can u tell us ur personal experience, ur ranks, n what u r currently doing.

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