Lung cancer types.

Small cell carcinoma obstructing superior vena...
Image by Pulmonary Pathology via Flickr

2 central and 2 peripheral.

Squamous cell carcinoma and Small cell carcinoma——->>Central

Adenocarcinoma and Large cell carcinoma—————–>>peripheral

Squamous cell Ca


Hilar mass arising from bronchus,extend directly to hilar LN,Parathyroid like cativity(hypercalcemia,dermatomyositis).Keratin pearls and intercellular bridges.

MC Lung Ca detected by positive sputum cytology.

MC lung ca causing Pancoast tumour.

Best prognosis treatment, surgery.

Adeno Carcinoma

MC lung ca in non smokers and females,arises in a site of prior inflammation or injury.

Wide metastasis,associated with asbestosis.

Types:Bronchial and bronchioalveolar

Cara cells and type II pneumatocytes on histology.

Para Neoplastic:Trousseau’s sign,Microangiopathic hemolytic anemia.

Good prognosis.

Small(Oat)cell Ca

Rapidly growing,early distant mets,

Para neoplastic:SIADH,Ectopic GH and ACTH secretion,peripheral neuropathy,Eaton Lambert syndrome.

MC lung Ca causing SVC syndrome.

Kulchitsky cells-Neuroendocrine,small blue round cell tumour.

Responds to chemotherapy.

Large cell Ca

Highly undifferentiated anaplastic tumour.

Less tendency for mets,poor prognosis


Less responsive to chemo,treat surgically.

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