Malaria features


  1. Malignant Tertian fever-occurs in 48 hour intervals
  2. Reticulocytes,normal and mature RBC’s are affected
  3. Banana shaped gametocyte,highest parasite burden,Mature ring trophozoites
  4. Maurers dots.
  5. Malignant tertian,cerebral malaria,blackwater fever(DIC and renal failure),Algid malaria(circulatory failure)


  1. Benign Tertian malaria
  2. Infects reticulocytes
  3. Schuffner’s dots,mature ameboid trophozoites
  4. Causes splenic rupture


  1. Rarest in India
  2. Benign tertian
  3. Infects reticulocytes
  4. James dots,pear shaped fimbriated RBC’s


  1. Benign Quartan malaria
  2. Infects mature RBC’s
  3. Zeimann’s dots,band form of trophozoites seen.
  4. Causes nephrotic syndrome.


  1. 3 tertians and one quartan
  2. Faciparum infects all types of RBC’s but Vivax and Ovale infects only reticulocytes and P.Malaria is too mature so affects only mature RBC’s.
  3. Latent liver hypnozoites lead to long term relapses in Ovale and Vivax.
  4. Wih Ovale and Vivax it is not OVer.
  5. Mnemonic:Dots in different types FM,VS,OJa,MZ.
  6. Finance Minister met VS in presence of the cricketer OJa with his MiZez.

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