Medical PG entrance coaching new season begins

These days, mega serials come as seasons.I have seen a few of such exciting English serials like House MD,Prison Break,24 etc.So as per the new standards, the new medical PG entrance season has begun. It has been a few months since it started in Thrissur and Kottayam CME’s . For some people it maybe the first season, for some others second or even the third season. Though the seasons change, the feelings of being lost don’t change in the minds of the aspirants. Some guys enjoy these days as holidays, going on with the normal life of movies, computers, facebook, gym etc. Some others work hard, as they say,”burn midnight oil” .

How much time should one study?

Regarding the time to be kept aside for PG entrance study opinions  are many among teachers. Some say work 16-18 hours per day. Some others say work 10 hours enjoy life as it is. Student’s maybe perplexed as to which advice to follow.

As my experience goes, I didn’t even spend 6 hours per day. I couldn’t spend too much time in an enclosure with my laptop resting close by and with an unlimited internet connection.I didn’t try to overdo it, I just went with the flow.But for people aiming for the highest spoils,going with the flow just isn’t enough.

I wouldn’t advice anyone to do the same as I did, because my priorities were different. If you aim for a good PG seat, you have to work minimum 10 hours per day with determination.If you study 10 hours with best resources and concentration till the next AIPGME you will be sure to get a good rank.

Verdict: Study minimum 10 hours per day,revise the very next day.

What is the difference between winning and losing?

Though most of us know what to do, we won’t do what is needed. To do what is needed, courage and determination are needed. The difference between winning and losing is just a few days. The hours you wasted will accumulate to form days.These days will be the margin between winning and losing. So getting a head start and maintaining that momentum till the exam and ending it on a high is needed. If you have been studying for 3 days, don’t lose the continuity on the 4th day, 5th day till the last exam you are going to attempt.

Verdict: Time, continuity and concentration are the difference between winners and losers.

Is writing mock exams regularly beneficial?

We learn from mistakes. Mistakes we make in life when corrected will create lasting memories.These lessons are never forgotten in life.Same is the case with exams.When you make a mistake in an exam and correct it, you will have a better chance of making it right.If you just keep on reading, you will forget what you read and may not get it right on the exam day.Write as many exams as possible, repeat what you study, discuss among peers.There are many online sites offering mock exams. Go with reputed ones like Dr. Bhatia and MedPgthrissur ,write the exams and review the answers and commit them to memory.

Verdict: Writing exams is the most essential step in PG entrance Preparation

If you are one of those who use computers and online resources to aid in  pG entrance preparation, I will help you to improve your chances. I will try to discuss some tips regarding study materials available for free and resources to improve your chance in exams in the coming posts Watch this space regularly for updates.


    plz send tips becoz i missed the bus by joining armed forces of india became victim of wrong policies and for not being son in law of great big gun and brasses i could not do my pg.i am in my 39 yrs of age.can u help me brother?

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