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Although it has been more than 1 year since I started writing on, it has been incomplete ever since. So I have decided to add a new MCQ section to this blog to help exam preparation.We have to make mistakes before we taste success. Doing practice MCQ’s and correcting the wrong answers before an MCQ test will be better than reading theory texts and making MCQ’s wrong in the exam hall.

Most of the MCQ’s which appear in state entrance exams and other private college and institute exams are repeat questions.Even though not from the previous question papers of the same institute, it maybe from the previous questions of some other institute or college. In Kerala entrance we get repeats from PGI and in St.John’s repeats from Karnataka entrance, in AIPGME from AIIMS questions and so on. So what we have to do is practice these MCQ’s again and again till it becomes a permanent memory.

I hope these MCQ’s will help you in your quest to success.A sample MCQ test is listed below, give your suggestions to improve the MCQ section.


[mtouchquiz 1]

  1. this quiz is very useful

  2. Dr.Anirban Sadhu

    You have provided 10 sample questions. How do i get more and more?

  3. Very helpful !!!!

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