Medical treatment of Gall stones.

Opened gall bladder containing numerous gallstones

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Gallbladder stones can be treated both by medical and surgical methods.Medical treatment of gallstones is indicated when the stones are small and radiolucent and surgical treatment is usually employed when gallstones are large and radio opaque.

Medical treatment of Gall stones-Prerequisites

  1. Radiolucent stones
  2. Small stones(size<10mm)
  3. Functioning gallbladder
  4. Non-Acute symptoms

Drugs used:

  1. Ursodeoxycholic acid(UDCA)
  2. Chenodeoxycholic acid(CDCA)

Radiolucent stones are made of cholesterol, but radio opaques stones contain calcium so they cannot be dissolved by using UDCA or CDCA,hence surgery may be needed.

Asymptomatic gallstones are usually left alone and followed up.

Indication for Cholecystectomy in asymptomatic gallstones

  1. Stone>3cm in diameter
  2. Multiple small stones
  3. Stone and polyp coexisting
  4. Calcified gallbladder(Porcelain GB)
  5. Congenital anomaly of GB
  6. Immunocompromised patients
  7. Gallstones in diabetics
  1. my granny died of complications during a gallbladder operation in 1993. thanks for explaining it- i am still scared of them. what are early indications of one?

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