Metastatic calification Vs Dystrophic calcification

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Metastatic Calcification

  1. Due to deranged Calcium metabolism
  2. Increased calcium concentration in serum
  3. Mitochondria are the organelle first involved
  4. Alkaline PH favours precipitation of calcium salts

Sites involved in metastatic calcification are:

  1. Alveolar wall of lungs(Most common site)
  2. Basement membrane and tubular lamina of kidneys
  3. Interstitial tissue of gastric mucosa
  4. Systemic arteries
  5. Pulmonary veins
  6. Cornea and conjunctiva
  7. Synovium of joint
  8. Tendons

Dystrophic calcification

  1. Macroscopic deposition of Calcium salts in injured tissues
  2. Extracellular deposition of calcium
  3. Denatured proteins and dead tissue bind Phophate irreversibly
  4. Phosphate reacts with calcium and gets precipitated as Calcium Phosphate

Sites Involved

  1. Tubercular lymphnodes
  2. Mitral /Aortic valves in Rheumatic fever
  3. Atherosclerosis of arteries
  4. Breast tissue

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