One of the best ways to learn and memorize important and confusing topics is to learn via association. Mnemonic is a way of associating the unknown with the known through rhymes, absurd images, Names etc. Mastering mnemonics is an art,it requires some practice, once you have learned to create mnemonics for your own purposes, you will find it a lot easier to learn medicine.

Tips to master Mnemonics

1. Check specific sections on mnemonic websites and note down mnemonics which strike you on the first go itself.

2.Since mnemonics are created all over the world, some of those will not be easy for you to remember, as British use their slang,Americans use theirs.Find mnemonics which suits your pattern of study.

3. Check out exam question papers and note down frequently asked questions. Learn mnemonics for those topics.

4. Try to avoid long mnemonics.

5. Don’t clutter your brains with lots of useless mnemonics.

6. Don’t try to learn mnemonics just before a main exam, it will cloud your mind.

7. Create pictures in your mind, with colorful images.

8. Revise and create your own mnemonics.

9. Share your mnemonics with your friends, send those to me, I will publish those, so that even if you forget the original mnemonic, you know where to look for it!

10. Always read the topic thoroughly before creating mnemonics, so that you may not omit important points concerning the topic.

I am creating a list of mnemonics used all over the world,some are very popular,some others are less known.Look for mnemonics which are easy for you, don’t try to learn mnemonics which are very hard to memorize.Don’t clutter your brain with useless mnemonics and leave some feedback on those you find useful.

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