Multiple myeloma

Durie and Salmon myeloma diagnostic criteria

Major criteria

  1. Plasmacytoma on tissue biopsy
  2. Bonemarrow plasmacytosis with 30% plasma cells
  3. Monoclonal globulin spike(M spike) on Serum protein electrophoresis(SPEP):IgG>3.5g%,IgA>2g%,light chain excretion on UPEP>=1g/24hr in absence of amyloidosis

Minor criteria

  1. Bonemarrow plasmacytosis with 10-30% plasma cells
  2. Monoclonal globulin spike present, but lower than inĀ  major criteria
  3. Lytic bone lesions
  4. IgM>50mg/dl,IgA>100mg/dl or IgG>600mg/dl

Diagnosis of MM requires 1 major+1 minor or 3 minor that must include both 1st and 2nd minor criteria

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