Nasal Polyps: Antrochoanal polyp vs Ethmoidal Polyp.

Antrochoanal Polyp

  1. Due to infections
  2. Solitary, more common in children
  3. Usually unilateral
  4. Trilobed, has antral and choanal parts
  5. Arises from Maxillary sinus near ostium
  6. Grows backwards to the choana and may hang down fromĀ  behind soft palate.
  7. Not precancerous
  8. Not recurrent, usually does not recur after complete removal
  9. Treatment: Polypectomy, Caldwell Luc operation, FESS for recurrent polyp.

Ethmoid polyp

  1. Due to allergies
  2. Multiple small grape like clusters
  3. Bilateral grows anteriorly, more common in adults(30-60 years)
  4. Arises from ethmoid sinus
  5. Precancerous
  6. Recurrent
  7. Treatment:Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery(FESS)

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