Parts of Cerebellum and their functions.

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Archicerebellum(Floculonodular node)

Concerned with maintenance of equilibrium.

In lesions of floculonodular node the patient cannot walk on a straight lineĀ  with eyes closed.


Controls trunk and limb muscles(posture)


Co-ordination of all skillful movements.

Lesion causes dysdiadochokinesia.

Cerebellar nuclei

  1. Fastigial Nucleus
  2. Globosal nucleus
  3. Emboliform nucleus
  4. Dentate nucleus

Globose+Emboliform nucleus = Interpositus nucleus

Cerebellar Peduncles

Superior cerebellar peduncle- Connects Cerebellum to Mid brain.

Middle cerebellar Peduncle-Connects cerebellum to Pons.Transmits corticopontocerebellar fibres to cerebellum.100% afferent fibres from cerebrum.Intention tremor due to lesion.

Inferior cerebellar peduncle-Connects Cerebellum to medulla.

Superior and inferior cerebellar peduncles have both afferent and efferent fibres.

Primary Input is through Mossy and climbing fibres.

The only output from cerebellum is through purkinje cells.

Cerebellar vermis controls the trunk of the body and cerebellar hemispheres control the limbs.

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