Plaster Casts used to treat specific Orthopaedic conditions

Plaster casts are extensively used in Orthopaedic departments to treat fractures, dislocations and various other conditions.This post enumerates some named casts used in Orthopaedics.

Frog leg/Lorenzo/Bachelor’s cast- Congenital Dislocation of Hip(CDH)

Minerva Cast-  Cervical Spine disease

Reissers/Turn buckle cast- Scoliosis

Shoulder Spica- Fracture around shoulder

Hip Spica- Fracture Femur

U slab/ Hanging cast- Fracture Humerus

Colles Cast – Colles fracture

Cylinder cast – Fracture patella

Patellar tendon bearing cast- Fracture Tibia


  1. Thanks, but it need to be more elaborated, especially the ones that are not too common, like frog, bachelor’s, reissers/turn buckle cast. Elaboration as in indications, extension/landmarks, positions

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