Polyposis syndromes

Autosomal dominant GI polyposis syndromes

High malignant potential

These are histologically adenomas

Familial polyposis Coli

Large Intestine

Gardner’s syndrome

Large intestine>SI.

Also associated with

  1. Osteomas
  2. Lipomas
  3. Fibromas
  4. Epidermal cyst
  5. Ampullary ca
  6. Desmoid

Turcot’s sydrome

LI, associated with brain tumours.

Low malignant potential

Mainly hamartamatous polyps on histology

Peutz Jeghers polyposis


Also associated with

Mucocutaneous pigmentations

Tumours of ovary,breast pancreas,endometrium.

Juvenile polyposis syndrome


Associated with congenital anomalies

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