Prostate and prostatic urethra

  1. BPH is associated with enlargement of  median lobe of the prostate.
  2. Posterior lobe is more prone to carcinoma.
  3. Prostatic urethra is widest and most dilatable part of urethra
  4. Prostatic urethra is concave anteriorly.
  5. Colliculus semilunaris is an elevation in the middle of urethral crest, on the middle of it there is an opening for prostatic utricle.
  6. Postatic utricle is homologous with uterus/vagina of female.
  7. The narrowest part of male urethra is External urethral orifice
  8. Narrowest and least dialtable part of urethra is membranous urethra(if Ext orifice  is not given)
  9. Vasdeferens lies lateral to inferior epigastric artery after emergin through the deep inguinal ring.
  10. No intervening peritoneum between vas deferens and base of bladder.

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