Intrapleural pressure is always negative irrespective of inspiration or expiration because of pull of the lungs and ribcage in opposite directions.

Velocity of blood flow is inversly propotional to the total cross sectional area at that point-So velocity is maximum in aorta and minimum in capillaries(Capillaries have 1000 times total CS area than aorta)

Fluidity of Lipid membrane increases wth unsaturated fatty acid and temperature and decreases with saturated fatty acids and low temperature.

Incidence is a rate but prevalence is a ratio.

Heparin does not cross placenta due to its large size-Anticoagulant of choice in pregnancy.

Otoacoustic emissions-Outer Hair cells.

Narrowest part of ureter is uretero vesical Junction

Fetal hemoglobin has higher affinity for oxygen and has lesser affinity for 2,3 DPG.

Fluoride Inhibits glycolysis by inhibiting Enolase

Soft exudates/Cottonwool spots are produced by infarction of nerve fiber layer.

When eye is crossed diplopia is uncrossed

Metabolic alkalosis is always linked with hypokalemia

Body needsĀ  iron in ferrous form(us need ferrous)

High myopia causes Retinal detachment.

Sarcomas are radioresistant except Ewings sarcoma which is radiosensitive.

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