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Most common causes and conditions, is a commonly asked question in exams.Given below is a compilation of some frequently asked most common causes and their answers.

Most common Cause of intracranial metastasis-Ca lung

Most common Cause of hepatic metastasis – Bronchogenic carcinoma

Most common Cause of hepatic mets from GIT – Colonic ca

Most common Cause of Intrauterine Growth retardation-C/c pyelonephritis?

Most common Cause of HTN in children-A/c Glomerulonephritis

Most common complication of CSOM-Temporal lobe abscess

Most common ovarian tumour in pregnancy-Teratoma/Dermoid cyst

Most common joint involved in Osteo Arthritis-Knee joint

Most common of interstitial/atypical pneumonia- Mycoplasma

Most common Glycogen storage disease-Gaucher’s disease

Most common porphyria-Porphyria cutanea tarda.

Most common cause of childhood nephrotic syndrom-Minimal change disease

Most common cause of adult nephrotic syndrome- Membranous glomerulonephritis.

Most common cancer-Lung cancer

Most common cancer in females-Breast cancer

Most commoncause of maternal deaths-Obstetric hemorrhage(PPH)

Most common cause of Blindness in India-Cataract

Most common site of Gastrinoma- Duodenum.

Most common Paraneoplastic Syndrome-Hypercalcemia

Most common paraneoplastic endocrinopathy-Cushings syndrome

Most common presentation of meckel’s diverticulum-Bleeding

Most common s/e of radiation on heart —— Pericardial effusion

Most common cause of cushing’s disease- pituitary microadenoma

Most common Cause of primary hyperaldosteronism- b/l cortical hyperplasia

Most common aldosterone producing adrenal tumour- u/l adrenal adenoma

Most common cause of post trauma vegetative state- diffuse axonal injury

Most common asso anomaly with coarctation of aorta- bicuspid aortic valve

Most common cause of vasculitis in child- henoch-schonlein purpura

Most common feature of aortitis on x-ray- calcified ascending aorta

Most common intra-abdominal malignancy in children – Neuroblastoma

2nd Most common intra-abdominal malignancy in children – Wilm’s tumor

Most common hepatic malignancy in children – Hepatoblastoma

Most common soft tissue sarcoma – Rhabdomyosarcoma

Most common site for rhabdomyosarcoma – Head and neck

Most common Pediatric tumor – ALL

2nd Most common Pediatric tumor – Brain tumor

Most common brain tumor in children – Astrocytoma

Most common brain tumor in infancy – Supratentorial

Most common brain tumor between 1-10 yrs of age – Infratentorial

Most common brain tumor after 10 yrs of age – Supratentorial

Most common embryonal brain tumor – Medulloblastoma

Most common renal mass in neonates – Multicystic renal dysplasia

Most common malignant tumor of kidney – Wilm’s tumor

Most common tumours in parts of mediastinum-

Anterior- thymomas

Mid- cyst

Posterior- neurogenic tumours

Most common tumour of mediastinum- neurogenic tumours

Most malignant masses of mediastinum- lymphomas

Most common site of colonic volvulus- sigmoid

Most common cause of renal artery stenosis

  1. old age- atherosclerosis
  2. young(india)- Takayasu arteritis
  3. young( western world)- fibro muscular dysplasia

Most common of eye in AIDS
1. Lesion- microvasculopathy of conjunctiva and retina
2. Infection- chorioretinitis
3. Neoplasm- kaposi sarcoma
4. Cause of chorioretinitis- CMV
5. Finding in HIV retinopathy- cotton wool spots
6. Rx of CMV retinitis- ganciclovir,foscarnet


Small bowel carcinoid-ILEUM

Ulcerative colitis,hirsprung disease-RECTUM

Polyps in peutz jegher syndrome,pneumatosis cystoid intestinale–JEJUNUM

Amoebic colitis,volvulus-SIGMOID COLON

Bleeding from angiodysplasia-RIGHT COLON

Brenner’s gland-1ST PART OF DUODENUM

Most common cause of maternal death- Obstetric haemorrhage

Most common of Isoniazid resistance- kat G gene mutation

MC primary lymphoma of spleen- NHL

-cause of seizure in newborn-HIE

MC type of seizure in newborn-subtle

MC extranodal site of lymphoma

MC tumours in newborn-sacrococcygeal teratoma

-most common testicular tumour–prepuberty–yolk sac tumour
in age above 50– lymphoma

MCC of hereditary thrombophilia-factor V leiden mutation
MC hereditary cause of venous thrombosis-factor V leiden mutation
MC hereditary blood coagulation disorder-factor V leiden mutation

mc pancreatic tumour in men1- gastrinoma…
mc complication of IUCD- Bleeding…

mc sites of primary for bone metastasis- male-prostate>lung

children- neuroblastoma
mc osteolytic mets- male-lung ca
female-breast ca
mc osteoblastic mets- male-prostate
female-breast ca

mc glomerulopathy worldwide-IgA nephropathy

mc cardiac tumours are secondaries
mc primary neplasm of the heart -myxoma

mc in infants and children-rhabdomyomas

MC site of sub ependymal astrocytoma-foramen of munroe

MC corneal dystrophy-keratoconus

MC anterior corneal dystrophy-Anterior basement membrane dystrophy (ABMD)

MC of stromal dystrophies-Lattice dystrophy is usually an autosomal dominant condition

MC endothelial corneal dystrophy-Fuchs

Macular dystrophy of the cornea is the least common, but most severe

MC phakomatosis-neurofibromatosis(NF1)

MC involved in vestibular schwannoma- SUP. VES. > INF. VEST. > COCHLEAR DIV.

MC site of TB lung-Apices

mc injury encounter in spine injuries-flexion of spine

MCC of viral meningitis-enterovirus

MCC of sporadic viral encephalitis-HSV1

MCC of epidemic viral encephalitis-Arbovirus

MC site for thrombin formation in DIC-Brain

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