Named diseases

Addison’s Disease-  primary adrenocortical deficiency

Addisonian Anemia-pernicious anemia  (antibodies to intrinsic factor or parietal cells Vit B12 megaloblastic anemia)

Albright’s Syndrome- polyostotic fibrous dysplasia, precocious puberty, café au lait spots, short stature, young girls

Alport’s Syndrome-hereditary nephritis with nerve deafness

Alzheimer’s- progressive dementia

Argyll-Robertson Pupil-  loss of light reflex constriction  (contralateral or bilateral)
“Prostitute’s Eye” – accommodates but does not react
Pathognomonic for 3°Syphilis

Arnold-Chiari Malformation-cerebellar tonsil herniation

Barrett’s-columnar metaplasia of lower esophagus ( ­ risk of adenocarcinoma)

Bartter’s Syndrome-hyperreninemia

Becker’s Muscular Dystrophy-similar to Duchenne, but less severe (deficiency in dystrophin protein)

Bell’s Palsy-CNVII palsy involves entire face; UMN lesion only affects lower face)

Berger’s Disease-IgA nephropathy

Bernard-Soulier Disease-defect in platelet adhesion (abnormally large platelets & lack of platelet-surface glycoprotein)

Berry Aneurysm

circle of Willis (subarachnoid bleed)
often associated with ADPKD

Bowen’s Disease- carcinoma in situ on shaft of penis,premalignant( ­ risk of visceral ca)

Briquet’s Syndrome-somatization disorder
psychological: multiple physical complaints without physical pathology

Broca’s Aphasia-Motor Aphasia,intact comprehension

Brown-Sequard-hemisection of cord  (contralateral loss of pain & temp / ipsilateral loss of fine touch, UMN)

Bruton’s Disease- X-linked agammaglobinemia

Budd-Chiari- post-hepatic venous thrombosis

Buerger’s Disease-acute inflammation of small, medium arteries,painful ischemia,gangrene

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