Test’s to detect  infanticide

Fodere’s test– Weight of lung in an infant before respiration 30gm, after respiration it doubles.

Plouquets test-Weight of lung 1/70th of total fetal weight before respiration and 1/35th of total weight after respiration.

Breslau’s Second life test-Test to detect air in stomach and intestine.

Gettler’s test– To measure amount of chloride in each chamber of heart.To distinguish between freshwater drowning and saltwater drowning.

Hydrostatic/Buoyancy test– To detect residual air in alveoli

Tests for  stains

Florence test– Test for choline in semen

Acid phosphatase test-Confirmatory test.

Precipitin test-Species specific test.

Barberio’s test –         detect semen

kastle meyer test –     detect blood stains

Patch test –   phytodermatitis

paraffin test –  detect gun powder

Tzank smear —HSV
Tzank test —   Pemphigus
tzank cell —          keratinocyte

Adson test-Done for  cervical rib

NESTROF Test-Naked Eye Single Tube Red cell Osmotic Fragility  is used in disorders altering the fragility of RBCs e.g. Thalassemia, Fe deficiency anaemia..
When black line (drawn on white paper) can’t be seen through the test tube, it signifies decreased fragility (positive NESTROFT) as in Beta Thalassemia Trait.Done during Anc visits first in mother, if positive father’s test also done

Marsh test-Arsenic

Cocaine Test-When topically applied, cocaine produces dilation of the pupil by preventing the reuptake of norepinephrine that … Consequently, the cocaine test is useful as a screening procedure to confirm the presence or absence of  oculosympathetic paresis- to test horners

Kveim siltzbach test -Sarcoidosis

Ames test – biological assay to assess the mutagenic potential of chemical compounds,The test uses several strains of the bacterium Salmonella typhimurium that carry mutations in genes involved in histidine synthesis, so that they require histidine for growth. The variable being tested is the mutagen’s ability to cause a reversion to growth on a histidine-free medium.

  1. please provide me with the reagents and quantities of each used in both Florence (Choline) test and Berberio(Spermine) test.


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