Reiter’s Syndrome and Behcet’s disease

Reiter’s Syndrome

Triad of:

  1. Reactive arthritis
  2. Conjunctivitis
  3. Urethritis

Now Reiter’s disease is commonly called Reactive arthritis


Assymetric,Oligoarticular involvement of lower extremities

Synovium and synovial fluid are sterile-hence the name


Dactylitis-Sausage toes

Associated with antecedent Genitourinary and GI infections.

Chlamydia,Shigella,Salmonella,Yersinia species common.

Unilateral sacroilitis

Extra articular involvement includes

  1. Conjunctivitis
  2. Anterior Uveitis
  3. Oral Ulcer
  4. Circinate Balanitis
  5. Keratoderma Blenarrhagicum

Behcet’s Disease

Criteria for Diagnosis

Recurrent Oral ulceration-Apthous/herpetiform ulcers that recurred at least 3 times over 12 month period.

Plus Two of the following

  1. Recurrent Genital Ulceration
  2. Ocular lesions-Anterior uveitis,Posterior Uveitis,cells in vitreous,Retinal Vasculitis
  3. Skin Lesions

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