Respiratory failure types

Type I Respiratory failure

Arterial Hypoxia

Due to oxygenation failure

PO2- Low ,PCO2- Normal or Low

PAO2-PaO2 gradient- Increased

eg:ARDS,Pulmonary HTN,ILD,Pneumonia,Pulmonary Edema.

Type II respiratory failure

Arterial Hypercapnia

Due to Ventilatory failure

PO2-Low, PCO2-High

PAO2-PaO2 gradient-Unchanged

Eg:Myasthenia,GBS,MS,ALS,IC bleed,Polio,Narcotic overdose

Type III Respiratory Failure

Combined Oxygenation,ventilation failure


PA02-PaO2 gradient-Increased


Type IV respiratory failure

Due to hypoperfusion of respiratory muscles

eg:Cardiogenic shock

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