Sites of narrowing of Esophagus and ureter

Constrictions of esophagus

From Incisor tooth(as on endoscopy)

  1. Cricopharyngeal constricion-15cm(Narrowest part of  GIT other than Appendix)
  2. Constriction at crossing of aortic arch-25cm
  3. Left main bronchus-28cm
  4. Diaphragmatic hiatus-40cm

Sites of narrowing of ureter

  1. Uretero pelvic Junction
  2. Crossing of iliac artery
  3. Juxtaposition of vasdeferens/broad ligament
  4. Uretero vesical junction
  5. Ureteric Orifice

Esophagus has 4 areas of constriction whereas ureter has 5.

Cricopharyngeal sphincter=Ureteropelvic jn

Crossing of arch of aorta=Crossing of iliac artery

Left main bronchus=vasdeferens/broad ligament

Diaphragmatic hiatus=Ureterovesical jn.

Cricopharyngeal sphincter is the commonest site of foreign body

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