Some general concepts in medicine and ways to learn

English: Planes of human anatomy.

English: Planes of human anatomy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If basic anatomy and physiology is not mastered well the rest of medical studies is bound to fail.So refreshing and relearning some basic concepts in medicine will be a great idea.

We are going to learn the human anatomy, physiology and diseases affecting different organs and structures in a step by step manner.

 How topics are going to be covered.

Human body can be covered from surface to deep and from top to bottom.From skin to bone and from head to foot.

The basic structure


2.Subcutaneous tissue



5.Blood vessels, nerves


Although this is the basic structure of human body, the different layers can vary in different parts of human body. For example, the skin of scalp and other areas are different and likewise the structure and formation of bones can also vary. Mastering the anatomy of the human body is not an easy task, it is difficult but can be made easy by combining the anatomy with physiology and surgical anatomy. So we are starting a journey which is going to extend from head to foot.



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