Splints and tractions

Thomas Splint, Bohler braun splint – Fracture Femur

Aluminium Splint – Immobilisation of fingers

Dennis Brown Splint – CTEV

Shoulder abduction splint – Axillary nerve injury

Cock Up splint- Radial N palsy

Knuckle bender splint – Ulnar N palsy

Foot drop splint – Sciatic/ Common peroneal N palsy

Von Rosen Splint – CDH

Gallow’s Traction/ Byrants traction – Fracture shaft in children <2yrs

90-90 traction – Fracture shaft of femur in children

Russel’s traction – Conventional skin traction

Dunlop’s, Smith’s traction – Supracondylar fracture of Humerus

Agnes Hunt, Well leg traction -Hip deformity

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