Starting preparations for PG entrance 2012

I am starting my journey towards ALL India PG 2012. I have taken stock of my mistakes and where I went wrong. I have decided to take 2011 as turning point, where mistakes are corrected and success awaits.I am publishing my priorities for this year hoping to get some people who have similar ideas, those who would join me in the journey to excellence.


1. Read Ashish Gupta and Mudit Khanna at least 10 times.

2.Cover ACROSS thrice

3. Cover PULSE thrice

4.PG HUNT thrice

5.Cover Sure Success and ROAMS twice.

MARCH targets.

1.Ashish Gupta and Mudit Khanna 2010 to 2005 once.

For a beginner it seems to be an impossible task.But it is possible for someone who has tried it once. So setting targets for myself is the best way to progress towards a PG seat.Another point which I have understood is the need for persistence and to stay motivated throughout the year.It is common that many people lose focus, and gets fatigued en route to AIPGME exam.Those with clear goals can achieve what they

deserve.Each of us deserve a PG seat but unfortunately we only very few of those PG seats and if you are focused on any one field like medicine,pediatrics or orthopaedics the job gets harder.There is a specific way to learn medicine, follow the method. Create mnemonics which stick to memory so these mnemonics can be recalled at will.Please don’t create mnemonics which will not come handy at need.Check out the medical mnemonics section for some interesting mnemonics.

As I have always written revision is the key to success. Revise the topics you have read, read only the topics you will be able to revise. Do MCQ’s regularly ,it is the only way to improve your exam taking skill.Try to learn from mistakes you make in exams, as they are better remembered next time you come across the same question.Check out the MCQ section to revise your medical knowledge.If you read some preparation books, they will improve the your chances at securing a PG seat.Make sure that you read the right books and the right notes.I have written about some must read books for AIPGME preparation add your suggestions to the list.

The life of a PG aspirant can be tough, as years pass by, you chance of getting a PG diminishes exponentially.So it will be best if you try hard the first time try to get a PG or try second time even harder dedicating your time an energy and secure a PG of your liking.Another important point is not to lose heart even if you fail in first, second or even the third time.Keep trying and you will  win, that is sure.One thing you have to remember is faith in yourself is the only way to success.As Edmond Hilary the man who reached the top of Mount Everest said after failing in his first attempt “ I will come again & conquer you because as a mountain you can’t grow, but as a human, I can.”Each attempt at PG medical entrance increases your knowledge, just don’t give up, explore the possibilities, change your method of writing the exam, alter the method of preparation, remember to revise, success will be yours.

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  1. march target getting closer?
    its seems almost possible….

  2. Hi
    I have started doing my prepartions from this week for PG entrance….i am very new to everything.What all books i should follow and how to make a study plan??Learning is important or doing MCQs??Please guide me….it will be very helpful.thank you

    • Hi Tanya,

      Joining a PG entrance coaching class will help you to get an overall idea. Staying motivated throughout this year is very important, combined study helps to retain more than self study.

      Books which are essential.

      1. Ashish Gupta (AIIMS question papers)- 3 Volumes
      2. Mudit Khanna( AIPGE question papers)- 2 Volumes
      3. Across – 2 Volumes.
      4. Pulse publications- 3 volumes.
      5. Ashish Gupta – Surgery and medicine.
      6.ROAMS/Sure success.
      7.Pharmacology- Sparsh Gupta.

      The first two books are the most essential ones. Try to cover them thrice, write maximum number of exams, stay focused.

      All the best.

  3. hi
    Thanks for the guidance.I will get these books asap.I have taken admission in regular course at iams.But i do self study and not combine study…..would that be bad??
    So what should i focus on the study material given by them or the standard subject books??and what should be the study plan??I am very confused.Plz help.
    thank you

    • Passing through PG entrance requires lots of hard work and dedication. Friends of mine who have got through have tried very hard, avoided watching tv, movies etc. Try to solve as many questions as you can and try to revise them before Exams.Since pattern of questions, number of questions etc. is expected to change this year, it is better to learn old questions and questions taught at coaching sessions. Create a timetable which would help you finish revising twice before AIPGE 2012

      • thank u sir…

      • hello jobin plz help me out .i started my preparation recently .kindly advice me what to study ,study material,do and dont .i hadnt study well during mbbs my internship is about to finish .i want to secure good rank in aiims .kindly advice me

    • Hi Tanya ,

      i am preparing for pg exam , i am looking for iams course material , could you please help me on this stuff.


  4. i will apply to this….from this year there will be one exam??
    thank you

  5. hey wat is this ROAMS/sure success books??
    wat is pulse publication 3 volumes??
    PG hunt??

  6. 🙄 what rank in Aipg exam 2012 will fetch an MD in paedi in kolkata?

    • Hi Shehnaz

      It depends on many factors like, number of students from Kolkata with good ranks in AIPGE, those who opt for Peadiatrics etc. I think within 500 is a good rank to bag MD paediatrics.


  7. Upto what rank MD Paedi in 2011 AIPG Counselling?

  8. hi,
    found ur post very useful…
    studying alone now, so very hard to keep focus. can u suggest a proper timetable with targets every month, so that tempo isn’t lost?


    • I am finding it difficult to comply with a decent timetable,how can I advice you regarding this matter?
      This is my view:
      Try to list your priorities and create a timetable which suits you,try to maximize the study time and avoid unnecessary distractions during study.

  9. Hi! Is reading mcqs enough for the pg entrance exams or do we have to read text books as well?

  10. hi me 2 preparing for pgmee 2012..m studying for 7 to 8 hours per day..need to gear up as 6 months left now..10 to 12 hours is a must from now onwards atleast..n resticted tv n movies.any suggestions on hw to stay motivated n be focussed to study 10 to 14 hours a day?

    • 10-14 hours is not a great target, what you have to do is study up to 10 hours in full concentration.Writing exams and attending a coaching class will help you stay motivated.

  11. Hi Jobin! Till what year do you suggest solving papers from ashish amit and mudith khanna? 2001 or further beyond? I’m a aipgee2012 aspirant.

    • 2005 to 2011 contains the most repeated questions.It is because a new question bank for question setters comes out every few years(5 years or so). So the old questions are seldom repeated, and if you study from 2005 you can be confident of getting most of the repeats. Check out the last few years question papers and look where the repeats have been picked from, you will be surprised.If you have more time it is better to revise the question papers rather than learn old papers.If you have a gut feeling that old questions will be asked, then go for it too, but not at the expense of new questions.

  12. Thank you! Do you also have a forum where controversial questions can be discussed?

  13. hi,will aipgmee 2012 consist of 100% seats from all colleges?if so,what rank will fetch me medicine in Delhi?i am desperate to get thru,please guide me to achieve that.

    • Common entrance exam is not yet finalized.Even if it is conducted, the state governments will get their share(50% of seats) and the private college managements can fix a fee for their seats.So in effect the students will be picked from the entrance list, but you will have to pay higher fee if you opt for private colleges.

      The advantage is, you need to write only one exam and if you can afford to pay a higher fee, your chances of getting a PG seat shoots up.

      About getting a seat for medicine in Delhi, depends on the number of students who are ahead of you who opt for Medicine in Delhi.Study hard and try to retain what you study.

  14. hi,
    thanks for your information.could you please tell me upto what rank in aipge 2011 got med in delhi?

  15. hi. can u pls tell whether all india cet will be taken from 2012 or not and also what is the exam pattern? and if it has been changed then how to prepare for that?

    • The new pattern will have 60% clinical questions, so you will have to concentrate more on such questions if the pattern is changed. Multiple answer questions true or false type questions etc may also be included.

  16. by your 1st priority of aashish gupta n mudit khanna ,.. u mean question papers or the subjectwise books of them?? pls reply.

    • I meant question papers of AIIMS and All India. . Ashish Gupta surgery and medicine subjectwise books are also good. .
      If you have time, try to cover PGI questions also. .

  17. how to use time effectively for preparation

  18. hello jobin
    just wanted to know, how does a gi=uy who is oing internship rite nw, prepare for the 2012 pg entrance….
    my internship ends by march 6th

    • Read the concerned topics as you continue your try to read medicine during medicine postings, surgery during surgery postings etc. Complete other topics during your spare time. Try to complete Ashish Gupta and Mudit Khanna by november and revise.

  19. hi,
    im doing my intership from west bengal,i wud lyk to join a coaching centre next year….pls suggest which is the best centre for pg training in kolkata.n wat should be my way of study in dis year,that will help me with my prep next year….thanks :

    • HELLO jobin,pls help me out 🙁

    • Hi tanusree

      Since you are doing your internship, why don’t you try this year itself and secure a seat? Confusion is prevailing, common entrance, change in pattern etc. will boost your chances. If AIIMS put questions this year too then a chance for repeats still exists. So studying Ashish Gupta and Mudit Khanna is a must. About entrance coaching centres in Kolkata: I have no idea, what I know is about coaching centres in kerala Kottayam CME and Thrissur CME both are very good.

      • thanks jobin,
        but the problem is that, the college from where im doing my internship is a very busy one with huge drainage area where interns have to work day n night literally….we hardly here get time to study… still trying out the two books uv mentioned but there is really very little chanceto complete them… that senario whats ur suggestion… 🙄

  20. hi can u plz tel me wht are the most important topics to study in ganong if i dont hv the time to study all

  21. what is tentative date for 2012 AIPGMEE.

  22. What should be the rank to get MD Paedi in chennai from the All india quota ( if from states other than chennai)?

  23. Wow.thank you so much..Its very rare that you get so many questions answers in 1 web page..Thank you so much sir.You are doing a great service to so many other juniors like us..Hats off to you.I was hoping you could answer a few of my queries
    1.DNB-Do you think in this competitive age its a good idea to appear for this exam and seize a seat f u get oneIs teh entrance easier than say a MD/MS exam?
    3.What score would one have to get to get a surgery seat in Delhi.?
    4.Im doing a test and discussion series at a coaching centre in Delhi…Is it a fact or fad that studyin the notes of coaching should suffice?
    5.Can u give us a reliable website where we could exam dates for 2012??There is just so much specualtion…!
    Thank you so much sir for your patience and unconditional help for answering so many questions.God bless

    • Hi Rahul

      1.DNB is good and its relevance is increasing.Now DNB doctors can apply for teaching posts in Medical colleges too.
      2.It is easier to get a DNB seat, but difficult to pass the DNB exam.
      3.I don’t have any idea about the Score.
      4.Notes plus previous questions.
      5.Check out the MCI website,they have given the latest updates.Check outLATEST NEWS ABOUT NEET PG

  24. dear jobin,
    thanks for ur reply post….can u give me sum idea about DNB??im inclined towars surgery or any other field which has got an ot in it…..keeping in view so much compettition n reservation n shrinking chances of getting n MS,what is ur view about DNB.I mean how to get it….how tough it is….n is it equivalent to pg????
    thanks… 🙂

    • DNB is equivalent to MD/MS, DNB entrance exam is conducted by National Board 2 times a year. It is relatively easy to pass the entrance test,but you will have to select a private medical college, because Govt medical colleges have stopped taking in DNB students. It is said that, passing the DNB entrance test is easy, but passing the DNB PG exam is very hard. If you are confident and hard working DNB is surely an option and the plus point is that, DNB is given more value over MD/MS in foreign countries.

  25. dear jobin.
    then when n how can i apply for it….n is any coaching needed,,….??

  26. give the advice for books of short subjects pg entrance – name of the books ❓

  27. hey jobin….guide me to crack neet…still m solving ashish gupta. 🙁

  28. hey jobin.i ve just completed my first year MBBS and want to start preparing for the PG ENTRANCE EXAM..Considering that i’ve just enough time to be almost perfect.What would you suggest i start with 🙂

  29. Hello jobin
    I am a foreign medical student, i want to pass FMGE in 2012 and consider giving AIPGE the following next year..
    Please guide as to how i could accomplish this feat..
    Is internship that hectic, is it different from Govt, and private hospitals for foreign medical graduates?
    I am willing to work very hard,,but puzzled as to i how should proceed!
    Also i would like some tips from you as to how i can start preparing for AIPGE in advance and what exactly does it take to score in top 10 rank..
    Would Really appreciate your reply
    Thank you for helping us all out..

    • Hi Rosyua

      I think doing internship at a government hospital is better, as it gives you the much needed experience in dealing with fellow human beings. The internship period will be hard or easy depending on the state you choose and the faculty members. Study medicine during medicine posting , read MCQ books, and remember the fact “our tomorrows are a result, which is decided by how we work today”.

  30. Also i would like your take on Coaching classes?
    Is it a must?, i heard it just a money losing scheme
    Cant we prepare by ourselves with all the provided materials?
    Please speculate on that..
    Lastly please list the subjectwise textbooks a must to follow in order to succeed in these exams..

    • Yes we can prepare by ourselves, but there is always a better way.Joining a coaching class is one such better way to prepare for AIPGMEE, because you get to know whom you are competing with and where you stand in rankings among your peers.

      • Thanks for your precious words..
        I got a clue now,,yet a question remains about the success in these exams..
        Please let us all know your experince about the pg exam and what went wrong and what you would like others not to repeat..
        also the best study materials for FMGE and AIPGE..

        • The AIPGE exam can be pretty hard, it requires hard work and dedication. I have listed the important books to read in my post itself. The most important point to remember is never make a mistake in previous questions and second point is time management.

  31. I have another question regarding the PG seats..
    I am aspiring to take neurosurgery.Can you tell me as to what is the current scenario regarding the allotment of seats and the requirement getting a seat..Also you mentioned earliar in the comments in your reply to hpd ,,that in the scenario of common entrance exam the fee will be expensive in private colleges. what fee are you referring to exactly?
    Quote from the comment:
    “the private college managements can fix a fee for their seats.So in effect the students will be picked from the entrance list, but you will have to pay higher fee if you opt for private colleges.
    The advantage is, you need to write only one exam and if you can afford to pay a higher fee, your chances of getting a PG seat shoots up”

    • Neurosurgery is a Superspeciality, to gain admission to Neurosurgery you will have to pass the MS Surgery first and then appear for the Super speciality entrance examination to get admission to Mch Neurosurgery.

      I was referring to the tuition fee which can amount to 6-16 lakh per year in private colleges.

      • So you are telling me that, in order to do PG you need to pay money inspite of the rank? 🙁

        • Also i dont need to write AIPGE?
          I am confused please can you tell me the steps required in order to Obtain the NS superspeciality..
          Sorry for the ignorance in this aspect..
          Hope you can help me out!! 🙁

          • First you have to write AIPGE and gain admission to 3year MS surgery course. After completing 3 year MS surgery you can appear for the Superspeciality entrance ie if you get admission to MS surgery in 2012 you can write Mch neurosurgery entrance in 2015/2016 and gain admission to NS course.

        • If you get good rank and get admitted to a govt medical college you need to pay only nominal fee. But if your rank is low and still you want to study, you can gain admission to a private college at higher fee.

  32. Also i forgot to ask about the Rank required for a Neurosurgery seat..??
    Hope i am not being too hard on You..
    Nevertheless I am always going to follow this site..
    Thanks again..
    GBY 🙂

  33. HI jobin.
    do u know if there will be any written question apart from MCQ in this new format??
    Thanks in advance…

  34. Hii Jobin
    From 2012 onwards is there a change in PG exam pattern?..How good will it be to follow USMLE kaplan?

  35. I am confused about the Common entrance test pg. Will all medical colleges participate in it? what about Aiims?

  36. hello….I would like to know whether or not the pattern has changed for cet from 2012….

  37. plz tell that it is confirm that there will be neet2012 or from 2013……….

  38. plz tell that it is confirm neet from2012 or from 2013…

  39. dear jobin,
    i heard recently that the pattern of neet-pg will be like that of usmle….n 60% questions will be mcq where there will be no repetions from previous year questions……???is this true???whats your view….n in that case shall we start doing the books mudit khanna n gupta tripathi>????pls help 😥

    • Hi tanusree

      Since applications are invited for all major institutes(PGI,AIIMS,CMC vellore) NEET PG seems to be a remote possibility and pattern change may not happen this time.It is better to stick to repeat questions by reading Ashish Gupta and Mudit Khanna.In case the pattern changes, it may contain new questions and old questions.So there is no need to panic, just try to learn in the same way you did till now.

  40. hiii Jobin Martin

    Ur doing such a great job.. all my doubts regarding which books to read n about the exams are cleared.. Andhra Pradesh n Jammu kashmir are not eligible to give NEET is a remote possibilty, am sure we would have a state PG exam..i was in a great confusion..thank u soo much Jobin 🙂
    One question, can u suggest me a book for PGI??? am not giving PGI but i want to just go through few questions..
    i read the coaching class material.. i dont find time to read the text book is it necesssary? or solving previous questions would be sufficient??

    • Hi Rachana

      Read the PGI pevious questions and answers by Manoj Chaudhary. I think reading PGI questions is worthwhile because these questions are repeated in many state entrance exams.

  41. Hi, im aspiring for MS (gen. surgry) at AIPGMEE. Guide me plz wat coaching and books i shud refer and how many months i shud do preparatn? Wat is estimatd rank to get MS seat? Im in chennai right now. Plz reply…Hi, im aspiring for MS (gen. surgry) at AIPGMEE. Guide me plz wat coaching and books i shud refer and how many months i shud do preparatn? Wat is estimatd rank to get MS seat? Im in chennai right now. Plz reply…

    • Hi Hridyanath

      Preparation time depends on how you studied during your MBBS course. It is ideal to prepare 1-2 years for PG entrance exams, but if you study 6 months you can get in if you are a good student.

      Regarding the MS seat in Chennai, I think 2000 would be sufficient, please check the Ministry of Health and family welfare website for more info regarding this.

  42. Thanks Jobin. Is it better to study at home or do some coaching classes? Actually im 4m Goa n i dnt kno wat climate does Chennai hav throught year. I dnt want to make a mistake nw n den regret over it wasting time. Food n living also matters. Plz guide me wat shud i do?

  43. hi….
    is 2 vol of AI & first 2 vol of AIIMS are sufficient for aipgme 2012

  44. Hi jobin!! Pls guide me about coaching classes. Which to take? Is kottayam a better option?

  45. Hi Jobin!!
    Have you gone through Platinum notes? I’ve heard about them a lot. Would you recommend them as an addon to aa/mk for aipge ?

    • I have gone through platinum notes. Good add on to AG/MK, but watch out for some mistakes.I found a few mistakes in the notes. The problem if that if you learn a wrong fact and if it comes for the exam you are doomed. So reading platinum notes can be beneficial, remember to correct the mistakes as you read.

  46. hi u r telling that neet pg is a remote possiblity but MCI’s website said that neet pg ll be held in 2012 jan or feb for the academic yr 2012-2013. so….ummm.. m confused what to believe 🙄 🙄

  47. thans sir for providing such a nice info…i wanna ask how to prepare for cmc vellore exam….and how to prepare for cmc vellore special paper of orthopedics as i cantain all 240 question of orthopedics…which books i shold refer for its prep…kindly help

    • Hi Goyal

      I have not prepared for CMC vellore examination, but have heard that most of the questions are clinical. Hope you will get better guidance from someone who prepared for CMC vellore exam.

  48. hello jobin….will it be enough to be prepared exactly the same way as we are used to for aipgmee for neet pg as well?pls rply ❓

    • Till date NEET will not take place in 2012, even if NEET is held pattern will remain the same as no notification has been put regarding a new pattern.So continue preparing for AIPGE 2012 as you prepared for the previous AIPGE.


  50. thanx obin for your reply…..


  51. Finally ..It has been decided that NEET is going to be conducted from 2013 onwards..(MCI site still shows 2012 there any speculation as to what the Exam pattern going to be like?..

  52. what would u suggest for a student in 1st yr MBBS to do for pg exam preparation? 😛

  53. Wil i get selected if i study for just 2months..i hvnt studied nethng as if i read 5 vol in 2mnths..wl i?

  54. How many questions shud i solve ideally per day at this time with the explanations?

  55. K..thanx..
    Ure site is so useful..slvd many doubts i had!

  56. Hi Sir…
    how to prepare for karnataka cet

  57. Hi,
    I am a 4th yr student in west bengal.and will be going into final yr in feb-2011. Due to financial constraint, it will be impossible for me to join any coaching classes. Pls tell me how to utilise my internship and final year for preparation. Waiting one yr will be almost impossible!
    The max i will be able to give will be near 8 hrs./day in final and 6hr/day in interns.
    sir, my second question is- is there any suitable online course, apart from test series that i can do, like video lectures etc whch i can attend during this period?. I heard they cost less!!

    • Joining an entrance class is not an absolute necessity, but it will help you to assess the competition you are facing from others. If the pattern changes in 2013, it will benefit those who do their House surgeoncy with dedication, because clinical questions will predominate.

  58. hi jobin,
    do u hv any idea about sgpgi… wen will be entrance exams??

  59. Hi Jobin Martin, u are really doing a great job.
    Would really like to know, when the online registration for AIPGMEE 2012 will open?

    thanks in advance.

    • We are all waiting for the AIPGME 2012 application forms, I think they will delay it till november AIIMS exam and publish it soon after November 13th/Just after the publication of Nov AIIMS admit cards.This may be to avoid confusion between the Nov AIIMS and AIPGME 2012 applications since both appear on the same website.

      • Thanks Jobin, i have bookmarked ur site. Great work u are doing. Hopefully u will publish, when the date of AIPGMEE 2012 is announced.
        I’ll be posting here too, if i get any news.
        thanks and regards

  60. Hi Jobin, I am preparing for 2013, shall i prepare the volumes or go with usmle prepration

  61. hi jobin…can u please tell the website address of AIPGMEE and when will online application open for 2012..

  62. aipgmee 2012 exam date declared, fill online application thru aiims exam site.

  63. Hey do u think joining coaching classes from 3rd minor onwards is useful or it useful wen u do it in internship….is it ok doin across 4 ist yr n doin sparsh gupta n arvind arora 4 pharmac n patho. ? N in maharashtra which coaching institute is betr ..please if u cn tell both 4 classroom n correspondence courses..?

    • Starting very early will help you prepare better for AIPGME.Read AG and MK, read the pharmacology guide, and read other subjects as you prepare for MBBS exams.Write Dr.Bhatia exams which can be written over the internet. You have a lot of time, what matters is performing when you write the exam.

  64. please suggest me how to prepare for NEET 2013 and advice on books for the same

  65. how many repeat question are asked in aipgmee on an average?

    • Maybe more than 120 or less than 40,no one can be sure after writing AIPGE 2012.Last year there were more than 120 repeat questions for AIPGME, this year less than 40.

  66. hii ..thnxx for all dez informations…im a fmg frm russia ..finishing internshp in april 2012 …nd want to join the coaching asap …but i dont knw wer to join dem delhi or mumbai ? …which iz d best …nd bhatia or dams? ..nd wat all exams can i give/m eligible for?…thnxx a lot

  67. abhishek tiwari

    dear sir, i jst passed 2nd prof this month, should i start preparing for PG ? What’s the earliest yr of pg that i am eligible to give?
    And one more qs, what r the scopes of doing pg abroad?
    Pls reply

  68. are these pg coaching centres are necessary to be joined to get a good rank in entrance… how would it be preparing self.. any coaching centres ehich may give coaching as a crash course before joining internship????

  69. hello sir,
    wat will b d pattern for NEET 2013???
    n please suggest me how to prepare for NEET 2013 and advice me on books for the same….

  70. Sir can u tel me abot rank in all india medical pg to get a seat n surgery for kerala

  71. can u help me hw to prepare for pg entrance 2013 n im finishin my internship by march 2012…

  72. hi sir
    I want to know about coaching classes thrissur a good option
    and whether neet confirmed for 2013
    thanks in advance

  73. Hello sir,
    I am currently in 1st year MBBS. Please tell me the right method to prepare for the PG entrance.
    What books shold i refer right now apart from my reference books?
    From when should I join a coaching class?
    Please guide.
    Thanking you in advance.

    • Hi Niharika
      In first year MBBS you should be more concerned about learning the basics of Anatomy, physiology and Biochemistry rather than starting your preparation for PG entrance.You can start the PG entrance preparations once there is a base to build upon.You can start preparing from 2nd MBBS, with the start of clinics and after you have ensured that you pass the 1st MBBS(thought to be the most difficult part of MBBS curriculum) in flying colors.

    • hey…..i just thought of sharing some ideas and experience wid u……
      …………. I an from 3rd year….just few months ago i completely ended with first proff….so here are some books that i would like to recommand u…….
      …….Well for physiology i would say BORON….its a vary standard text book…….for biochem lipincott and thomas devlin…..and anatomy well thers ntg gd as BD

  74. How many people write the AIIMS, AIPGEE And TNPGEE roughly every time?

    • About 80000 students write AIPGME, and the number is increasing every year as the number of medical PG seats is very less compared to the number of students passing MBBS each year.

  75. i completed my first mbbs and iwant to know when should i start joining a pg entrance coaching centre?

  76. Hello sir can u tell ranks t fetch a seat in surgery or medicine in aiipg

  77. Hey jobin..i am just done with my final MBBS exams..its been like 2 weeks since my results are out.will be joining entrance coaching classes next month..don’t have a very heavy internship and i will be starting mudit khanna n amit ashish…but just wanted to know should i start it now itself or do a mcq book before that like across or something?and if i should do mcq books first..which one would you recommend…
    thanks a ton

    • My first recommendation will be to make your basics clear.Like nerve transmission,RMP,action potentials,basic anatomy,physiology,pharmacology etc.Do some brushing up first, then build on this base, add on using AG,MK,across.It doesn’t matter which of these you start first,just start and don’t forget to finish!

  78. Hey and i forgot to mention tht the new edition of mk n aa are coming in march …so that is why i was asking as to which book i could follow till then.thankz again

  79. aright…thankz a ton jobin…have a great day!

  80. Hello jobin iam studyng final mbbs in kerala. Iam aimng for a md medicine seat in kerala.couid u tell me upto what rank can i get a seat in md medicine in kerala n aiipg

  81. hi sir..i have just finished my final year exams nd waiting for results..i am very much determined to get a seat next problem is there are no coaching centres where i will i be losing a lot..?should i wait till i complete my internship?wat abt postal coaching nd online test series?u said coaching classes mainly help in assessing oneself where one stands, which is not possible in postal how effective are they?plz help..thank u

  82. Hey jobin …hii 3 rd prof part 1 can u help me how I start ma pg entrnce exam preprtion m in rural area studying m.b.b.s in rural area n thre is no scope 4 coaching n ol plz guide me …wat I follow how to pprepre …

  83. 🙁 Sir, a few days back dey ve passed the NEET…gonna happen 4m nxt yr ie 2013. Although it is good…now no. of seats ‘ll be increased but what i’m confused about is how to go for the preparations. I mean…neither institutes nor the book writers (Amit ashish/ MK) know about wat kind of questions they gonna ask us this tym… As NBE is going to conduct the exam so i’m expecting dem to follow DNB pattern because they ve been conducting dnb since many years. Now i’ve two options…either i take my UG books, amit ashish subjectwise books, mudit khanna, ROAMS etc and sit and start studying on my own. OR i join IAMS in delhi…and do the same there. But i dont kno if i wud be able to cope up with the hectic schedule of institute. Dey cover one sub per week. I’ve already done DAMS during my internship….but cudn’t read their class notes because of hectic routine of intership. Now my intership is over and ryt now really in need of a piece of good advice. Thanks a lot again.

  84. Sir, a few days back dey ve passed the NEET…gonna happen 4m nxt yr. Although it is good…now no. of seats ‘ll be increased but what i’m confused about is how to go for the preparations. I mean…neither institutes nor the book writers (Amit ashish/ MK) know about wat kind of questions they gonna ask us this tym… As NBE is going to conduct the exam so i’m expecting dem to follow DNB pattern because they ve been conducting dnb since many years. Now i’ve two options…either i take my UG books, amit ashish subjectwise books, ROAMS etc and sit and start studying on my own. OR i join IAMS in delhi…and do the same there. But i dont kno if i wud be able to cope up with the hectic schedule of institute. Dey cover one sub per week. I’ve already done DAMS during my internship….but cudn’t read their class notes because of hectic routine of intership. Now my intership is over and ryt now really in need of a piece of good advice. Thanks a lot again.

  85. hi sir pls tell me which books are helpful in prearing for mds exam

  86. sir i want to know about trissur cme/kottaym cme.i’m from kolkata passed last it good?

  87. hey there!!!!
    ……………. I am 3rd year medical student from bangladesh…..any suggestion for me??? abt books??? study pattern??… that i could carry my post graduate over there in india

  88. hi
    I have just given final year exams, results will be out in about a week
    I am planning to do internship in KEM in mumbai..its a bit hectic
    I am just very confused about what to do..i have applied for bhatia pg classes regular it better to to apply for test and discussion batch or regular batch?

  89. hi… I m in 3 rd yr mbbs… N jst wantd to knw d pg enterance coachin centers…. Can u plz tell me…

  90. Hi…I m done with my final year and wish to join as intern at gangaram hospital Delhi along with regular coaching at Dr bhatia….please guide that will it be practical…Whats the importance of coaching in cracking the entrance exam in first attempt ??

  91. hi…m done with my final mbbs and plan to join internship at ganga ram hospital delhi along with regular coaching at dr bhatia…please suggest will it be a practical decesion as schedule could be quite hectic..also comment on the role of a good coaching centre in order to crack pg entrance in first attempt….kindly help

    • It depends on how your institution is and when the classes are scheduled.If possible attend regular classes and try to do your House surgeoncy well, because if NEET materializes, some questions maybe from the clinical practice you do during HS period.

  92. hi, i am from Bangladesh. i am very keen to study @AIIMS in MD course(int. med). Is there any scope for foreigner students to study @ AIIMS? If any, would anyone let me know the procedures and fees to be paid for the course.

  93. Hi pls anyone suggesst perfect books for andra pradesh PGMEE.. And does ROAMS book is good for AP PGMEE?

  94. Hi anyone pls tell me which books are best for andra pradesh PGMEE. And does ROAMS book helps for andra PGMEE?

  95. hello Jobin,
    first of all a big thanks for being such a great help to the lot of us. I have completed my final MBBS and am on the brink of internship. During my 1st year, I had studied Anatomy from Dr. S. Mitra and AKD but never from Chowrasiya. Now I need to know whether it is a good idea to start reading a new book now or should I read the earlier texts, like, more thoroughly? Ofcourse i am going to solve MCQs from the suggested books but what about the theory portions? Plz reply.

    • It is better to read the books you are familiar with.Gets the basics right first, then start doing question papers.You can do both simultaneously also.Don’t try to learn just question papers ignoring the basic book, and don’t forget to read question papers and stick to basics!

    • It is better to read the books you are familiar with.Get the basics right first, then start doing question papers.You can do both simultaneously also.Don’t try to learn just question papers ignoring the basic book, and don’t forget to read question papers and stick to basics!

  96. hello Jobin,
    u r doing such a great job !! thanks alot !!
    plz help me in deciding which coaching to join ?? delhi or thrisur ?? i am really very confused ??

  97. hi 😕 i am sandhya studying 3 rd yr mbbs in rims kadapa ,andhra pradesh .my ambition is to become a good paediatrician so i started pg preparation in this year .Please suggest me how to becum familiar with basics.Also tel me pls whether cds of live lecture are available

  98. Hi Jobin, and everyone else. I am too old to be here in the first place…
    I am employed in an industry.. for now, but for how long, I’m nt sure. ’cause i’ve muscular dystrophy, which is slowly crippling me. So, I have to look for opportunities that don’t involve physical activities & that will prolong my earning capacity and hence I started this very ambitious but daunting task of trying for a PG seat.
    I started off on a wrong foot, though. I started with the text books… downloaded a hoard of them and a month later, I am still at square 1. So do you suggest that I start “retrospective” study? if so, is it advisible to start subject wise or system wise? Also, can you suggest any online coaching classes for PG entrance as I am in a pretty remote location in TN. (the only thing good here is the BSNL broad band :mrgreen: )

    • Hi Dev Pradaan

      Where there is a will there is a way.Hard work is what gets you a PG seat.If you are preparing for AIPGME 2013, start from basics. Get the simple facts right, and build on it.If you are writing different exams like AIIMS,PGI,TN entrance etc. always study the question papers of hose exams.”Sure success” is a good theory book. Look out for changes in pattern of exams and read USMLE questions too if possible.Attending coaching classes is not a pre requisite for getting a PG seat, but it surely improves your chance. Another thing which you have to concentrate is writing exams, write Bhatia online exams or medpgthrissur exams.I am sure you can beat MD and get an MD/MS

      All the best

  99. kushal goswamii

    hi jobin
    my query is tht where r the 6 yr mch(neurosurgery) courses one can join aftr mbbs are offered ,and is preparation of usmle very different from our pg entrance and as such can they be done together???

    • NIMHANS offers 5 yr Neurosurgery course for MBBS graduates. AIIMS also offers 6 yrmch course.USMLE questions are concept based and long questions. You should buy USMLE preparation book if you want to appear for USMLE.

  100. Hi jobin . . Hey i m looking for nimhans and cmc vellore Mch neurosurgery 6yrs course . .. Could you help me how to prepare for these exams . .which books of neurosurgery to refer

  101. hi joobin
    i am working in a phc in tn for the past 4 months,,i have written aipgme and tnpg three times though without much preparation..i am determined to workhard and get MD paeds this time in chennai either in aipgme or in tnpg..what should the max time i should read eveyday till my exams..

    • Time is not the thing, it is about concentration and repetition.Do maximum MCQ’s and revise them again and again.Study the basics and don’t be afraid to attempt 99% questions.

  102. hello sir,
    i have just finished my mbbs and internship and iam planning to appear for fmge exam in sept 2012
    1.can you suggest me which books should i follow for mcqs as well as texts?
    2.which subjects should i emphasize on more?
    3.i dont stay in INDIA anymore so do u know where i can find across n other fmge books for download?
    4.can you plz tell me is dnb paediatrics a good option? what is the procedure for enrollment and how many exams do we have to write ?

    • Hi Ashi

      I don’t have more information about fmge exam.You can checkout the forums on rxpgonline and aippg for more details on the matter.DNB paediatrics is good option, but you have to get a good rank to qualify for DNB paediatrics in a good hospital.

  103. thanks sir..are they specific books to read for to prepare for that..

  104. hi,I am just started my preparation for 2013 PG(NEET),but Iam a govt.employee and find very less study time.after a gap of 7 yrs of study I am keen to go for the exam with a hope to do better.pliz advice me the tips with books to follow and anyother important tips.

    • Study regularly, don’t break the flow.Try to study something each day because even if you get out of touch for one day,it will adversely affect your progress.I have written about the books to read for AIPGMEE, refer above.Try to stay motivated throughout one year, do MCQ’ regularly,success will be yours.

  105. hi sir
    iam waiting for your reply..

  106. i want a pg seat in kerala.which all books i should read for this?i am very new to this. pls help me

  107. hello jobin. . i hv jus finishd my final..year.. startd with internship please plzzxx plzzzzzxz help me.. i dnt know with what to start studyinn.. everybdy has their own opinion..plz guide me

  108. shall i buy objective books for each subjects like sparsh gupta for pharmac like that or book u mentioned only. i m just 4th yr now

  109. hello…please tell me how to study..i just completed final yr..shd i do across first or mudit khanna fist?

  110. hi sir…thanks for such a good website..well i m graduate from ascoms jammu…i m eligible for jammu cet so can u plz tell me how to study..i m doing internship right now..i m confused between individual books and aa n mk books…

    for which subjects individual books are necessary???is across sufficient for first yr subjects..plz name sum gud indiviual books that are imporatnt???can i start both theory n mcqs together???

    thanks a lot!!!1

  111. Hai jobi sir, pls help me…. I am a second year student in pondicherry.. I need to know tat i should join in a coching centre wright this year?? or i have to wait upto my final year+internship… Wat i hav to do in my second year to get pg seat after i complete my course.. Pls reply sir…

  112. Hello sir, first of i wud lyk to thank u wholeheartedly for helping students lyk me. Your informations r really reallly helpful. Sir, i’ve completed mbbs and my internship. I had joined DAMS institute classes during my internship..but cud not study well because of the hectic schedule. Now i’ve two options. Either i should do Bhatia’s regular classes and test seies of the same plus my basic studies from the mbbs books and all those amit ashish and across books. Or i should do test and discussion from the National institute of higher education??? pls reply asap. thank u.

  113. Hello sir, first of all i wud lyk to thank u wholeheartedly for helping students lyk me. Your informations r really reallly helpful. Sir, i’ve completed mbbs and my internship. I had joined DAMS institute classes during my internship..but cud not study well because of the hectic schedule. Now i’ve two options. Either i should do Bhatia’s regular classes and test seies of the same plus my basic studies from the mbbs books and all those amit ashish and across books. Or i should do test and discussion from the National institute of higher education in chandigarh and test series of Bhatia’s??? I think i should give more preference to basic studies and should get my concepts clear along with MCQ books…as the new neet pattern is almost completely clinically oriented. But it wont be possible if i join regular classes… pls help me. I kno we cannot comment upon any institute lyk this so i wud be very greatful to u if u mail me ur opinions. Thank u.

  114. hai sir…iam doing my 3 rd year MBBS…is this the right time to go for coaching classes?if bhatia a right option?please reply me

  115. hi jobbin,
    iam a service candidate and get caught into this unluckly and iam getting depressed without my pg and as i couldnt get enough time and probs in phc i couldnt continue my studies and my timetable properly iam getting suppresed and some r advicing not to leave service and i joined a coaching class now and still in service only but my interest is i should get involved fully in this preparation and get my desired seat this year and could nt move even a single year without my pg … but mostly others r advicing and confusing me not to do that… pls guide me in this to take decision…

  116. hi jobin,
    i am a 4th year student i want to start my prepn
    from this year onwards.plz guide me wther i should revise previous subjects…or something else…how to start for, aiming 2015 aipgme.

    • You can start by joining a PG coaching class and start by reading topics from Ashish Gupta and Mudit Khanna. If you have time you can check out Manoj Chaudhari(PGI) and ACROSS for short subjects.

  117. How can i get previous pg exam question papers? Aiims

  118. thanks for your guidance jobin. 😛

  119. hi can any one tell me which coaching would be the most effective in pg preparation ? i tried in iams they said no vancay …then wat next about speed coaching and dams ?
    plzzz help guys…

  120. Greetings
    Could you enlighten me on the coaching centres in thrissur. if possible along with their contact details. Thanking you in advance

  121. hi sir,i want a pg seat in kerala.which all books i should read for this???all my frnds are telling me to join the coaching centre.can i manage the time by going to the pg coaching classes n study??

  122. Hai sir, i need ur guidance.. I am in my second year, one of my friend already started going to a pg coaching centre.. Its a two year course.. But my dout is i hav to join now itself?? for tat or i vil do during third year.. Wats ur opinion sir??

    • Hi Anu

      You can start reading MCQ books from 3rd year onwards, but it is not a necessity to join coaching classes.You have to choose, if you have time,money and desire go for it.

  123. Hai sir, how can i get al previous pg question papers?aiims,jipmer… Is thr any site for tat?

  124. Thank u so much sir….

  125. sir
    i have completed final year and waiting to do house surgeon . . my primary aim is to get pg within my first attempt … some people are asking me to join pg coaching and some people asking me for self preparation … pls advice me how to utilise my time while doing mine internship and crack pg ASAP
    thank u in advance

  126. Hello,
    I am a student of final M.B.B.S. Can you please tell me which pg coaching can i join in Mumbai? I went through the websites of Dr. Bhatia’s, IAMS, DAMS and also speed coaching and I am as confused as I was before. I would like to know your opinion.

    • I think you are at a better position than myself in choosing the coaching center. Dr.Bhatia’s coaching center seems to be good, all over the country write their subject and grand tests.So you can have more exposure, and get an overall idea on your performance.I don’t have firsthand knowledge about the other two coaching centers.

  127. shabista parveen

    hi im shabista in junior final prof want to know which book refer for ENT,OPTHALMOLOGY and Community only objective books is sufficent or test book for AIPGE 🙄 :

  128. hi sir…i wish to get a md anasthesia seat in ny of govt colleges in kerala….which all books i ve to go through….is all india n kerala pattern different??

  129. i need guidance how to plan for pg, as i havve now completed my first year.

  130. Nd i got college were pg classes r not there.

  131. I think Platinum notes is a better book out of all. First Quick revision is possible.
    ALL the new things given and each subject is good and well presented.

  132. Hello dr..I m doing internship wich will end in November…I m preparing for Jammu pg entrance….it has 270 seats n a bit easy dn indian pg n all…so I m confused how to study???should I start doing individual subjects or doing amit ashish and mudit khana.???i started doing across skin but it is taking too long and I think doing individual subjects will leave no time to do last yr paper???how should I solve papers and wht refrence books should I keep handy???i m really confused and worried…plz guide me so that I stop wasting my time….wht shd I cover first n wht later???? Thnx

  133. hey dr.
    ive just cleared my MBBS 1 and i want to crack AIPGMEE in the first go so am going to start preparation from now.i got across volume 2 although finding it an impossible task.suggest some tips i can follow for a sure success 🙂

    • 1.Read only the topics you are sure you can revise before exams.
      2.Cover most important subjects first.
      3.Do maximum number of questions, skip through the explanation

  134. hi
    i have passed my first year and i need to know which book to study for pg cet for anatomy physiology and biochemistry…
    especially for biochemistry there are 2 books by lippincott in biochem ,1 is illustrative reviews and another is clinical by mark’s…so please give me the writer’s name also..thanx 🙂

  135. hiii…. im a mbbs student.. can anyone please tell me the standard textbooks and reference books to be studied during mbbs.(not the local authors like satyanarayan and ak jain) ❓ ❓ ❓ especially when preparing for aiims and pgi

  136. hi jobin bro
    i hav just enterded my final year mbbs from tdmc,can u plz help me out how to start prepartn?

  137. Thankyou so much sir for helping all of us.
    I would be joining my MBBS course this year. I want to crack my PG in my !st attempt. So what do you suggest ?? i mean what books ?
    And also should i start solving MCQs from the 1st year itself ??

  138. i m 3rd year student.. i cudnt join coaching centre bcoz of personnel problem.. wil there notes b enogh 2 read?? ❓



  141. hello sir…
    sir …i hav confusion in 4-5 subjects…I would like to know dat wat books should i study for
    Patho- i’ve read general from robbins

    M waiting sir…
    Thank you

  142. hi sir im doing my 2nd year mbbs in bangalore and i want to join coaching institute with regular classes ..can u give name of few institutes in bangalore.sir i have completed across volume 2.what should be my next plan? pls do reply me

  143. what is the appropriate time of joining md/ms coaching classes

  144. tell me something about usmle and how to aplly for it

  145. hey jobin.. when is neet pattern going to be introduced any idea? should i continue to read from ashish gupta and mudit khanna ?will it be useful for neet pattern too? its so confusing what to do… help me out . thank you 🙂

  146. hi sir,am preparing for pg medical entace on 2013.i havnt started my studies ready to work hard.could u guide me?i wanna get MD medicine in calicut medical what should be my rank (range) for kerala entrance and all india entrance?

  147. Hey ,
    I’v just finished my first year medicine , and I’m planning to start prep for pg entrance !!
    Should i buy the Mcq books and old question papers ?? As the pattern would definitely change by the tym i would give my pg entrance exam !!! Or would you suggest me to study subjects thoroughly and solve all the related Mcq’s from previous years ???

  148. Hi Jobin. Should I read Ashish gupta and mudit khanna’s explanations directly or should I read the topics from respective books (robins pathology,Harrisons etc..) and then start solving mcqs???

  149. Hi Admin,
    Will AG and MK be sufficient for NEET pattern exams?

  150. can u please where i can get mcq and how to prepare for AMC(AUSTRALIAN MEDICAL COUNCIL EXAM)for australia

  151. sir plz help me out .my intership is about to finish in couple of days .sir i want to preparation now only kindly advice me study material i hadnt study well in mbbs .i want to secure good rank in aiims kindly advice me what to study and how to study

  152. Platinum Notes is a very good new book.
    I see most of the students reading it instead of older books. Lots of questyions from Exams repeated from it esp one liners.

  153. apart from mk,aa pulse, roams, across which books to refer? havnt seen sure success which u have mentioned n pg hunter, manoj choudhary? r these books equally essential/ i havnt joined any coaching so is coaching a must?

  154. sir which book is better for medicine amit ashish or mudit khanna

  155. sir i have just passed my 1st prof. how should i start pg preparations?

  156. Sir give sum tips to revise, how to revise 3-5 times the same bks…

  157. I am 1st year medical student guide me to prepare for my pg entrance

  158. please tell me the name of mcq books which help me to crack in ALLMS/JIPMER/BHU etc.have any mcq books specially for bhu(10/15 yrs question)?

  159. Sir,I m dong my second year …how can I start my preparations for pg entrance

  160. hy i am a MBBS 3rd year .should i join pg coaching ? OR shall do self study ?
    kindly guide me what step would be beneficial for me . 🙂

  161. Nice thread @ Baker and Jobin

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