Structures passing through skull foramina

Foramen Caecum

small vein from nasal mucosa to superior sagital sinus

Optic Canal

  1. Optic N
  2. Opthalmic artery

Superior orbital fissure

  1. Lacrimal N
  2. Frontal N
  3. Trochlear N
  4. Oculomotor N
  5. Nasociliary N
  6. Abducens N
  7. Superior opthalmic vein

Foramen rotundum

Maxillary N

Foramen Ovale

  1. trigeminal nerve / mandibular nerve
  2. large sensory root
  3. small motor root
  4. lesser petrosal nerve
  5. accessory meningeal artery

Foramen Spinosum

  1. Middle meningeal Artery
  2. Meningeal branch of mandibular N

Formane lacerum

  1. Cartilage
  2. Greater petrosal N

Carotid canal

Internal carotid artery

Foramen magnum

  1. Medulla oblongata
  2. ascending parts of spinal accessory nerves
  3. vertebral arteries

Hypoglossal canal

Hypoglossal N

Jugular foramen

  1. Inferior petrosal sinus
  2. Glossopharyngeal nerve
  3. Vagus
  4. Accessory nerve
  5. Sigmoid sinus
  6. Posterior meningeal artery

Internal acoustic meatus

  1. Vestibulocochlear nerve
  2. Motor and sensory roots of facial nerve
  3. Labyrinthine artery

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