Structures peirced in thoracocentesis

  1. Skin
  2. Superficial fascia
  3. External intercostals
  4. Internal intercostals
  5. Innermost intercostals
  6. Endothoracic/simpson’s fascia
  7. Parietal pleura
  8. Visceral pleura
  9. Lung

Structures covering abdomen


II.Superficial fascia

  1. Fatty layer of sup fascia(Campa’s fascia)
  2. Membraneous layer of sup fascia(Scarpa’s fascia)

III.Muscle layer

  1. External oblique
  2. Internal oblique
  3. Transversus abdominis

IV.Fascia transversalis

V.Extra peritoneal tissue

VI.parietal peritoneum

VII.visceral peritoneum

Neurovascular plane of thorax and abdomen is the same. VAN lies between Internal intercostal and innermost intercostals in thorax and internal oblique and transversus abdominis in abdomen.

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