Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

Systemic Inflammatory response syndrome abbreviated as SIRS, can be caused either by infection or can be due to non infectious causes.

SIRS is nonspecific and can be caused by ischemia, inflammation, trauma, infection, or a combination of several insults. SIRS is not always related to infection.

SIRS  is defined as the presence 2 or more of the following variables:

  • Fever of more than 38°C or less than 36°C
  • Heart rate of more than 90 beats per minute
  • Respiratory rate of more than 20 breaths per minute or a PaCO2 level of less than 32 mm Hg
  • Abnormal white blood cell count (>12,000/µL or < 4,000/µL or >10% bands)


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