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Framingham Criteria for diagnosis of heart failure

Major Criteria Paroxysmal Nocturnal Dyspnoea Jugular Venous distension Rales Cardiomegaly Acute pulmonary edema S3 Gallop Positive hepatojugular reflex Rise in venous pressure>16cm H2O Minor criteria Lower limb edema Cough at night Dyspnoea on exertion Pleural effusion Decrease in Vital capacity …

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Jugular Venous Pressure.

  What does waves in JVP represent? The upward deflections are : “a” (atrial contraction) “c” (ventricular contraction and resulting bulging of tricuspid into the right atrium during isovolumic systole) “v”= atrial venous filling. The downward deflections of the wave …

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