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List of must read books for AIPGME.

Most of time I get some questions regarding books needed for PG medical entrance preparation.Though I have listed a few of the most needed books, readers keep on asking for a comprehensive list. The most important point is to study the most essential books and trying to retain most of the topics learned.Revision is more important than extensive reading.

Must read books for AIPGME

1.Ashish Gupta latest 2 Volumes(AIIMS previous questions)

2.Mudit Khanna 2 volumes(AIPGME previous questions)

Cover these 4 books at first before thinking of reading anything else.

Semi essential books

1.ACROSS 2 volumes

2.Sparsh Gupta Pharmacology

3.Sparsh Gupta Pathology

4.Ashish Gupta Surgery

5.Ashish Gupta Medicine

6.Manoj Chaudhary PGI question papers.

Some good books worth reading

1.ENT by Dr.Shibu George

2.Platinum notes published by Jaypee books

3.Sure Success or ROAMS

4.Anatomy by Dr.Arivuselvam

5.Rapid review AIPGME 2011 by Rahul K.R

As new pattern is being planned for NEETPG2012, preparing for assertion reasoning type questions might prove beneficial.If you have good books to add to this list, please share with us in the comments section.

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