The simplest and best way to do a task which is very difficult to perform.

Some of the tasks which are assigned to us may be so difficult that, no matter how hard we try, we may not be able to finish the task successfully. These tasks may require expertise, which we may lack during the time period.Some  people may have the talent to perform that particular task but you or me may not have that ability.Difficulty of a task depend upon specific interests which  people have.A software engineer may find it very easy to do programming,but it will be almost impossible for a doctor at that particular time period. I am not referring to such tasks, what I am talking about is chores which everyone has to do to go forward in our lives, for enjoyment,continuous learning etc.

Let us check out how this idea dawned in my mind

I tried playing Need For Speed computer game,it was so difficult for me at the start because it was one of the first games which I ever played.As days passed on I became so immersed in this game and became an  expert in it. Finishing first did not matter at all, because I was always finishing first(except in the final level). I tried very hard several times, but failed to get past that hurdle.Eventually I lost interest in the game ,I was so much involved with my studies and other work that I had no time for games.

After several months, while running PC maintenance I came across NFS again, and so just decided to try the game. To my wonder I was easily able to clear the final stage! Was it just luck? I tried again and won again, I had not tried any other racing game during the time that became my first experience with the Time decay law(Just gave a name to it!)

I tried this method many times, and found it successful so I began implementing this to tasks which I find very difficult to perform.

What can we learn from this?

The facts which I learned  from this experience were:

1.Try very hard to attain your goal/to get your job done at the first instance itself.

2.Try repeatedly and if you fail to succeed,leave it

3.Sleep on it

4.Try it again after days/weeks/months(depending on the time constraints)

5.The result will be sure success.

How does this method work?

I have two explanations

1.we have to assume that our brain is at work even after we stopped doing the chore and it eventually figured out method to do the job efficiently even without you taking any conscious effort.

2.During the period in which you were idle without doing the chore, you gained some extra knowledge or experience which helped you do the job without your knowledge.

I think both of these work equally in helping us figure out a way out of the problem.I have started using this method to do some distressing jobs, to learn something specific etc.

I have tried the Time decay Law  in learning trading stocks.It helped me indirectly without my knowledge but now I am consciously using it.It has also helped me a lot in my PG entrance preparation( the purpose of this blog). So why don’t you guys try this out and give your valuable opinions regarding this method? I will be waiting for comments from readers as I plan to do a little research on this, so give your valuable opinion regarding this article.

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  1. thanx for this info and this info is working i have tried earlier…..

  2. sounds interesting… but as u told the time constraint is a problem,right?…its a bigger prob coz to DECIDE on the time constraint u have to b conscious and aware about the problem all the time (i assume only then u can tel when u shud work on the problem again)…so will it actually help our brains to do the background chores… juz a thot to start on…

    • Hi Rikas,

      Time constraint is a real problem. I haven’t tested it on given targets or objectives. I totally forgot about the tasks which I mentioned in the tasks given in the example. But haven’t you noticed that after working hard on a problem and sleeping on it, being surprised to get the answer in the morning? I have got answers like that a few times, but the gaming results happened many times, with NFS, Aces up card game,Cricket,Football and so on. The targets which I couldn’t attain even after attempting several times, were attained at the first attempt itself after months of abstinence form those games. I think maintaining the goals in back of mind while laying at rest the actual work can be even more beneficial. I am experimenting on this, will write more about it after some time gap.

  3. liked the concept for sure

  4. Very interesting post! Keep up the good work.

  5. It also helps to try to have a little fun when learning new things, what you said is right, trying to force your brain to learn something is like pushing up against a brick wall. Take a break, and then come back to it later. 🙂

  6. I think on repetitive attempts at a task the human brain definitely stores what it has learnt on the previous attempts, and eventually each attempt becomes clearer until the task is completed with success. Some can do it with less takes than others, but the process does stay true to form for all 🙂

  7. Mike

    Taking a break helps you,by giving you the energy to surge forward, when it is needed.

  8. attaluri rakesh

    conscious and subconscious mind,

  9. Hi, I just stumbled on this and find amazing that someone actually wrote about it. I can confirm this to be factual from personal experience. It’s just like developing or honing reflexes when learning to play a musical instruments. Those who have tried would know that you usually play old songs with more mastery especially if a reasonable gap is left from the last attempts. Aside from time restraints, I think leaving the task too long might also have a detrimental effect. Have you already published your experiment Jobin?

    • Hi Egresae

      Thank you for confirming the general idea of this post. I have written this post from my own experience and with inputs from a few of my friends.Many who read this article have confirmed it to be true. I haven’t published any study paper on this subject as it would require a lot of time and patience to interview large number of people.

  10. Have done this while solving sudoku in school days…

  11. i too have the same experince
    so just take life easy

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