The WHO treatment regimen for leprosy


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Leprosy is a highly infectious disease with low pathogenicity.

It is made non infectious by treatment with Rifampicin for 3 weeks and Dapsone for 3 months.

WHO recommendations for treatment of leprosy.

Multibacillary leprosy

12 months treatment to be completed within 18 months

  1. Rifampicin 600mg once monthly under supervision
  2. Clofazimine 300mg once monthly under supervision
  3. Clofazimine 50 mg daily self administered
  4. Dapsone 100mg daily self administered.

Paucibacillary leprosy

6 months treatment to be completed within 9 months

  1. Rifampicin 600mg once monthly supervised
  2. Dapsone 100mg daily self administered

Paucibacillary leprosy with single lesion

  1. Ofloxacin 400mg single dose
  2. Rifampicin 600 mg single dose
  3. Minocycline 100mg single dose

Interesting find: World leprosy day January 31st or nearest Sunday .This day was chosen in memory of the death of Gandhi, the leader of India who understood the importance of leprosy.(Source:wikipedia)

Don’t forget to go through Lepra reaction and treatment.

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