Thyroglossal cyst,Branchial cyst and cystic Hygroma

Thyroglossal cyst

90% Thyroglossal cysts lie in the midline

Commonest site for thyroglossal cyst-Subhyoid.

Atypical thyroglossal cysts are usually found on left side.

Thyroglossal cyst is the commonest congenital neck swelling.

Commonest cause of recurrence is the failure to remove body of hyoid.

Treatment of papillary Ca of thyroglossal cyst-Sistrunks+Post op TSH suppression+Eltroxin

Sistrunks Operation

Surgery for thyroglossal cyst

Structures removed are

  1. Thyroglossal cyst
  2. Body of hyoid bone
  3. Core of tongue tissue pointing towards foramen caecum

Branchial cyst

Upper 1/3rd of neck on anterior border of sternocleidomastoid muscle.

Remnant of 2nd pharyngeal pouch(branchial cleft)

Cystic transformation of LN

Lined by stratified squamous epithelium.

Lymphoid tissue is seen on the walls.

Cystic Hygroma

Earliest congenital neck swelling

Posterior triangle of neck

Brilliantly transilluminant

Due to sequestration of jugular lymphsac

TOC: Surgery

Injection of sclerosants like OK-432,tertracycline,bleomycin are other modalities.

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