Thyroid carcinoma

Papillary carcinoma

  • Affects columnar cells of thyroid gland
  • Most common type 80%
  • Common in younger age group
  • Slow growing nodule,metastasis to cervical LN
  • Orphan annie(groundglass)nuclei.
  • Psammoma bodies.
  • Increased incidence in radiation exposure
  • Excellent prognosis

Follicular carcinoma

  • Affects cuboid cells in follicles
  • 10% of thyroid cancers
  • MC in older patients
  • Mets to liver,lung,bone,brain.

Medullary carcinoma

  • Affects parafollicular C cells
  • Produces calcitonin
  • Associated with MEN2a and MEN2
  • Prognosis worse in old patients,mets common at diagnosis.

Anaplastic carcinoma

  • Poorly differentiated neoplasm
  • Very aggressive,local invasion causes hoarseness,dysphagia.
  • Very poor prognosis

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