Types of human herpes viruses and associated diseases.

Herpes simplex virus

HHV 1- Herpes simplex virus type 1

HHV 2 – Herpes simplex virus type 2

HHV 3- Varicella Zoster virus

HHV 4 -Epstein Barr virus

HHV 5 – Cytomegalo virus

HHV 6- Human B cell lymphotropic virus

HHV 7 -RK virus

HHV 8 -Kaposi virus

Diseases associated with Herpes virus family.

HSV 1 – Usually causes lesions in and around mouth,Most common cause of sporadic encephalitis

HSV 2- Cause lesions in genital area, cause meningitis

HHV 6 causes Exanthem subitum/Roseola infantum also known as sixth disease.

HHV 8 is associated with Kaposi sarcoma and multicentric Castleman disease.

Also see diseases named first disease to sixth disease under exanthematous diseases..

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