Vertebral artery segments and branches

  1. Vertebral artery arises from the first part of Subclavian artery.
  2. Vertebral artery is the first and the largest part of Subclavian artery.

Divisions of vertebral artery

V1 segment – From origin to transverse process of C6 vertebra

V2 segment– Runs through foramen transversaria of upper six cervical vertebrae.

V3 Segment – Lies in the suboccipital triangle

V4 segment

  1. Extends from posterior atlanto occipital membrane to lower border of Pons.
  2. Traverses foramen magnum
  3. Pierces duramater, arachnoid mater and enters subarachnoid space.


Cervical branches– Spinal and muscular branches.

Intracranial branches

  1. PICA
  2. Medullary artery
  3. Anterior spinal artery
  4. Rarely Posterior spinal artery(Usually branch of PICA)


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