Vitamin A daily requirements and dose

  1. Retinol ,Retinal and retinoic acid are the three forms.
  2. Retinal is present in the rods and cones in retina.
  3. Children between 6 months to 1yr given-1 lakh IU Vit A
  4. Children between 1 yr and 6yrs- 2 Lakh IU Vit A every 6 months
  5. Treatment of Xeropthalmia-2lakh IU orally for 2 successive days.
  6. First clinical sign of Vit A deficiency-Conjunctival Xerosis.
  7. Bitots spots are seen on bulbar conjunctiva on either side of cornea.

Recommended daily intake of Vit A

  1. Adults-600micro grams
  2. Pregnancy-600 micro grams
  3. Lactation -950
  4. Infants -350
  5. Children-400
  6. 7-12 yrs-600


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