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Memory is an interesting subject. Since I started my MBBS course, I have experimented with a lot of things, share trading, web designing, reading online magazines etc. Trying to understand memory was one of my greatest passions. Though I understood a lot about how to remember, how to memorize sort of things, I myself didn’t apply a lot of those memory facts which I learned. As you may have understood, the gap between theory and practical application is very wide.

I have been maintaining a website puzzlehacker and a few blogs for quite some time. I tried to apply some of my ideas into my hacker puzzle, wrote about memory on my wordpress blog mindblogger .So what I am trying to deal with here, is memory and its applications in medical studies. Those who read blogs and research works maybe familiar with most of the discussed topics, but you may gain a few more points if you continue reading.

Creating memories which stick

Creating memories which stick , the motto of every advertizing agency. Don’t you remember some great advertisement’s on Doordarsan? Hamara bajaj, was a great advertisement with a good song, it was an advertisement which stood out among the crowd.  Creating memories which stick should be the aim of every student. Mixing the right quantity of emotions and dedication we can create  memories which stick.

Another trick employed by TV advertisers is to flash the advertisement repeatedly through out the day.  So this process of repetition embeds these images on our mind and imparts a feeling of familiarity, so when we go for shopping,we are most likely to pick the product of an advertiser who has spent more money and hard work on making their advertisements stick to our minds.

So revision is a word which no student should forget, forgetting to revise is as bad as forgetting to learn. If you ask me whether I follow these rules, then my answer is I am trying!

Some of the memory systems

Memory systems are used all over the world to help people remember. I will name a few of them so that you can check them out.

  1. The peg system of memory
  2. Method of loci
  3. Rhyming system
  4. Mnemonics

There are hundreds of subtopics under each of these sections, try to check them out.

I created this blog as a means to revise important topics before my MCQ exams. So most of the posts are done to revise them at a later date. I try to revise these topics in my free time, though I have been lazy in the last few weeks, I hope to catch up with the rest of the crowd in the coming months.

The importance of time decay

Haven’t you felt that you have an amazing ability to do a task at a later date, which you couldn’t do at a previous date? Does giving some time help us to do a difficult task much more easier? I have made a post on the topic:The simplest and best way to do a task which is difficult to perform

These are some of my blog posts at mindblogger:

The key to memory-3R’s

Mind mapping and learning

An earlier post How to learn medicine may come handy. Thanks to you guys, masterofmedicine is getting a lot of visitors these days, do leave some feedback which would help me to improve my writing and if you have got something worth posting don’t forget to mail me at martin.jobin@gmail.com.

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