What is the point in learning medicine?

Learning to sail-1=

Learning to sail-1= (Photo credit: Sheba_Also)

My question is to the medical graduates who study for a major part of their lives.What is the point in learning ?. After all our lifespan is limited and our learning period is too long. How can any medical student stride forward in his aim for excellence?


Without an aim there is no point studying, or learning as such. So we all need to have an aim, which should not be to replicate the past success of our ancestors, but to create history by our own efforts. Once you recognize that you can achieve it through practice or by learning, the whole process of life become interesting.


So you have to introspect and find out: what your life is for? Is it just for living and to enjoy the nature, with the health endowed upon us? There are less fortunate people who suffer without any reason of their own. Doctors cannot alleviate the pain of a whole generation of people, but we can give hope to a new generation with our efforts.People have done it in the past, and it can be done in the present and it will be repeated in the future too. So don’t stand back, start your learning process now and reap the benefits for yourselves and for a whole lot of people who deserve your help




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