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Adverse effects of Amioderone

Hyper/Hypothyroidism Peripheral neuropathy Myocardial depression Lung fibrosis Liver toxicity Corneal microdeposits Photosensitivity

Selective Beta1 blockers

Mnemonic: Beta Blockers Acting Exclusively At Myo Cardium Beta- Betaxolol Blockers-Bisoprolol Acting-Atenolol Exclusively- Esmolol At- Acebutolol Myo- Metoprolol Cardium- Celiprolol

Anti tubercular drugs

Bactericidal Rifampicin INH Streptomycin Pyrazinamide Bacteriostatic Ethambutol Thicetazone PAS Cycloserine

Glycogen storage disorders mnemonic

Glycogen storage diseases from1 to 6 can be remembered using the below mentioned mnemonic. Viagra Pills Cause A Major Hardon Von Gierke’s Pompe’s Cori’s Anderson’s McArdle’s Her’s Anderson’s (IV) vs. Cori’s (III) enzyme defect ABCD Anderson’s=Branching enzyme. Cori’s=Debranching enzyme. Also …

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Metals and corresponding enzymes is one of the frequently  asked questions in MCQ exams. Zinc Carbonic anhydrase Dehydrogenases(LDH,Alcohol dehydrogenase) Kinases Peptidases Magnesium Hexokinase Enolase Copper Tyrosinase Cytochrome Oxidase Iron Cytochrome oxidase Catalase Peroxidase Molybdenum Xanthine oxidase Manganese Superoxide dismutase Calcium …

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Causes of Peripheral eosinophilia

Connective tissue diseases (SLE, DM, Sjogren’s) Helminths (All worms, parasites, Giardia) Idiopathic hypereosinophilic syndrome Neoplasms Allergies, Asthma Mnemonic:CHINA

Drugs causing Pancreatitis

Drugs causing pancreatitis are: Mnemonic:12345 1 -ACE inhibitors 2 -Didanosine 3 -Trimethoprim 4 -Tetracycline 5 -Pentamidine