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Types of schizophrenia and their prognosis

Simple schizophrenia Occurs in early life-2nd decade Onset insidious and course progressive Poor prognosis Hebephronic schizophrenia Occurs early -2nd decade Onset insidious and course progressive WORST PROGNOSIS Catatonic schizophrenia Occurs in late 2nd or 3rd decade Onset ACUTE and course …

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Frequently asked Xray views.

Supra orbital fissure – Caldwell view Recurrent shoulder dislocation -Strikers view Sella tursica -Lateral view Scaphoid -Oblique view Patella- skyline view Pneumothorax -PA view in full expiration

Findings in congenital,primary, secondary and tertiary syphilis

Congenital syphilis First sign – Rhinitis/Snuffles Primary bullous lesions Primary syphilis Painless punched out non bleeding indurated ulcer Painless rubbery lymphadenopathy Secondary syphilis Bilaterally symmetrical asymptomatic skin rash on palms and soles-MC finding Moth eaten alopecia Condyloma lata Arthritis and …

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