DNA and RNA viruses

Viruses are peculiar creatures, because unlike any other organism  which usually have DNA as genetic material, viruses can have DNA or RNA as genetic material, but never both in same virus.

The DNA present as genetic material in a virus is usually double stranded except in the case of parvoviridae which has single stranded DNA as genetic material.

DNA viruses

There are six groups of viruses under the DNA virus group.

  1. Parvoviridae -Single stranded DNA
  2. Papovaviridae -Double stranded circular
  3. Adenoviridae – DS
  4. Herpesviridae -DS
  5. Poxviridae -DS
  6. HepaDNAviridae -DS circular

All except Hepadnavirus(complex capsid) has Icosahedral capsid. Herpes virus is enveloped virus, parvo, papova, adeno viruses are non enveloped. Pox and hepadna viruses have complex coats.

RNA viruses

  1. Picorna viridae
  2. Reoviridae
  3. Togaviridae
  4. Flaviviridae
  5. Arenaviridae
  6. Coronaviridae
  7. Retroviridae
  8. Bunyaviridae
  9. Orthomyxoviridae
  10. Paramyxoviridae
  11. Rhabdoviridae

The viruses which have RNA as genetic material usually have a single stranded RNA except reoviridae which have double stranded RNA as genetic material.So parvoviridae and reoviridae are the odd man out from their respective groups.


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