Characteristic findings

Coeur en Sabot /Boot shaped heart  –  Tetralogy of Fallot

Pear/Money bag/purse  –   Pericardial Effusion

Box shaped heart  –   Ebstein’s anomaly

Egg on side  –    TGA

Snowman/figure of 8  –   TAPVC

Scimtar sign  –    TAPVC.

Wide Vascular Pedicle- Corrected TOGV
Sitting Duck shaped Heart- Persistant Truncus Arteriosus
Flask shaped Heart wth Pulm. Oligemia- Pericardial Effusion
Snowman/Figure of 8/ Cottage leaf of Bread heart- TAPVC
Shaggy Heart ( in chest x-ray)- Pertusis

Figure of 3 (CXR)/Reversed E sign(Ba swallow)   –   Coarctation of Aorta

Hilar Dance sign(Fluoroscopy)   –   ASD

Lupus pernio–in sarcoid

lupus vulgaris–tbskin

lupus profundus–SLE

Strawberry tongue- Scarlet fever

schimitar sacrum is pathognomonic of-sacral meninigocele

moth eaten appearence in v/q scan in bronchiolitis obliterans

rosenthal fibres in affected brain is characterisitic of-alexanders disease

Ground glass hepatocytes-Chronic hepatitis

SLE-Lupus profundus,Butterfly rash ,Carpet track scales

SARCOIDOSIS-Lupus pernio

KWASHIORKAR-Flaky paint dermatosis



TORRE SYNDROME-Sebaceous adenomas

Craniopharyngioma-Tumor arising from squamous epithelial cell crests of embryonic Rathke’s pouch

skeletal flurosis-poker back ,slump back,dental mottling

smoke stack pattern ,ink blot pattern on fundus flourescene angiography -CENTRAL SEROUS RETINOPATHY

frosted glass appearance on agar plate is characterisitic of BACILLUS ANTHRACIS

Granuloma,Russel and Mikulicz cells-klebsiella rhinoscleromatis.

Shermans paradox-Fragile X syndrome

Positive birefringent rhomboid crystals/calcium pyrrophosphate-Pseudogout

Negative birefringent-Gout

Quinsy-peritonsillar abscess usually unilateral

Tumbler holding position-scaphoid fracture cast

Retinopathy of prematurity also called-Retrolental fibroplasia

weber’s test lateralized to deaf ear in conductive deafness and towards normal ear in sensorineural deafness.

False negative rinne-unilateral sensorineural deafness

Platypelloid-Flattened with short AP and wide transverse diameter

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