DOC for Ulcerative colitis-5 aminosalicylic acid

DOC for Crohn’s –

Magnesium Oxide is the antidote for mineral acid poisoning

TOC for acute coalescent mastoiditis-Simple mastiodectomy

TOC of SCC of maxillary antrum-Surgery+Radiotherapy

DOC for Cholera Chemoprophylaxis-Tetracycline

DOC for Cholera in adults- Doxycycline

DOC for Cholera in children-Cotrimoxazole

DOC for cholera in Pregnant women-Furazolidone.

DOC of neurosyphilis- crystalline penicillin G

DOC for CML- imatinib mesylate

DOC for supraventricular tachycardia- adenosine

DOC  for foetal adrenal suppression-dexamethasone (started as soon as preg is recognised and not later than 9wks gestation)

DOC for central DI -Desmopressin
Drug of choice for Bier’s block (IVRA) — Lidocaine, 40–50 mL (0.5 mL/kg in children) of a 0.5% solution without epinephrine

DOC for nocardiosis     –      sulfamethoxazole

Doc for ascariasis in pregnant woman-pyrantel pamoate

Gold std t/t for brucella -strepto +doxo

drug of choice for visceral larva migrans-Albendazole


DOC for akathesia- Beta blockers

most sensitive inv for Extradrenal phaeochromocytoma?
DOPAPET :most sensitive inv

MIBG : most SPECIFIC inv

Cardiotoxicity caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy -endomyocardial biopsy

TOC of anal canal tumours- Chemoradiation

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