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Development of genital structures in males and females

Genital structures in males Genital tubercle -Glans penis Urogenital sinusĀ  -Corpus spongiosum,Bulbourethral glands(Cowpers),Prostrate Urogenital folds -Ventral shaft of penis Labioscrotal swelling -Scrotum Gubernaculum -Gubernaculum testis Mesonephric/Wolffian duct -Epididymis,Ejaculatory duct,Ductus deferens Paramesonephric/Mullerian duct -Appendix of testis,prostatic utricle Genital structures in females …

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Derivatives of dorsal and ventral mesogastrium

Derivatives of dorsal and ventral mesogastrium.

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Anatomical structures and their Origin in general

Ectoderm Structures meeting the external environment are ectodermal in origin:Skin Mucous covering of parts of external orifices Oral cavity Anal canal Vagina Urethra Mesoderm Serous lining of body cavities and endothelial lining of CVS,lymphatics and lymphnodes Bone,muscle,cartilage Connective tissue of …

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