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Catalase postive organisms mnemonic

Mnemonic for Catalase positive organisms is: SPACE Staphylococci (important not confuse it with streptococci) Pseudomonas aeroginosa Aspergillus fumigatus Candida Enterobacteriaceae (Klebsiella,Serratia) None of the anaerobes are Catalase positive. Some other Catalase positive organisms are: Nisseria (Gonorrhea & Meningitidis) Vibrio Nocardia …

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Urease positive organisms-Mnemonic

What is urease test? Some organisms, especially bacteria produce an exoenzyme called urease. Urease test is the test which is used to identify these organisms in broth culture.Another method is by using Rapid Urease test, which helps in documenting H.Pylori …

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Drugs causing Pancreatitis

Drugs causing pancreatitis are: Mnemonic:12345 1 -ACE inhibitors 2 -Didanosine 3 -Trimethoprim 4 -Tetracycline 5 -Pentamidine

Mnemonics for arterial branches.

External carotid artery branches Sister Lucy’s Powdered Face Often Attracts Silly Medicos  Before entering the parotid gland: Superior thyroid Lingual Posterior auricular Facial Occipital Ascending pharyngeal  Ends as: Superficial temporal and Maxillary bifurcating in the in the parotid …

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Nerves passing through Superior Orbital fissure

This is one of the favorite questions of examiners and often the most confusing topic for students.I found this interesting mnemonic on net, it is wonderful as SONIA looks good but I don’t know how her liver is, so let …

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